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Federal Court threatens to change the political map of the provinces

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Federal Court threatens to change the political map of the provinces

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Decision "fuzzy" Federal Court threatens to change the political map of the provinces

09/03/2013 (00:01 pm)

Baghdad / Range

Commission announced the election commitment to the decision of the Federal Court judge re-distribution of seats in the provincial councils present, although the parties politically led by the Wasit Provincial Council considered it "a political decision" aims to change the map of local governments, after months of authentication presidency on the results of the ballot that carried the dramatic changes and lost its allies Prime Minister large sites.
The first reactions came from the Council of Wasit province, where decided to stop its activity after the issuance of the decision to change four of its members, expressing surprise at the issuance of the Federal Court for such a decision three months after the local elections that took place last April.
A judicial source said that the Federal Court sent an official communiqué refers to the necessity of adopting the Electoral Commission of the amendments approved by the Court on the distribution of seats, noting that these amendments will change the map of some of the political blocs and eliminate some of the winners seats and adds other women.
In this context, announced كاطع Zobaie Vice Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, the Electoral Commission's commitment to the Federal Court's decision to amend the allocation of seats for the election of the provincial non-performing province, 2013.
He Zobaie, in a press statement seen by the "long", "The Electoral Commission confirms made some adjustments to the system of distribution of seats to elect provincial councils irregular, which took place on the twentieth of April 2013", noting that "the changes will include some of the results of the winning candidates, according to Federal Court's decision to amend the distribution of seats. "
In the meantime, he stressed the Wasit Provincial Council, the Federal Court decided to "replace the four members of the council with others new," promised the decision as "politically motivated and intended to change the political map" in the province, while "suspended its activities for the purpose of access to the result to ensure the survival of four members in office . "
Mahdi said Younis Eyal, chairman of the Commission services in the provincial council in an interview (range Press), "The provincial council has received a notice to replace four members of the council others others based on a decision issued by the Federal Court regard to the distribution of seats in the provincial councils in a number of provinces" .
He said Eyal "This decision is one of the decisions politicized and aims to re-change the political map in the province, which seemed incompatible with the wishes of the other," he said, adding that "the Council was surprised by this decision at a time when I was looking forward to the issuance of important decisions relating to service the citizens of the province in various fields . "
He said Eyal that "the Council of Wasit suspended its activities and suspended the work of its committees until reaching the appropriate decision would ensure the survival of four members in office, especially as they voted on important decisions, including the election of the Speaker and his deputy, and the election of the province and his two deputies and other other decisions."
He pointed out a member of the Wasit Provincial Council that "move the decision of the Federal Court and the replacement of four members may lead to the cancellation of some of the previous resolutions of the Council and this Pedroh longer a factor coupled to disrupt the work of the Council," and wondered, "How can issue such a decision after the certification of the Electoral Commission on the names of the winners, as well as After their jobs to the council for about three months? ". The Federal Court recently issued a decision to replace four members of the Wasit Provincial Council after the appeals filed by the candidates of the same blocks of winning, and four members who were replaced are Ayed Aidi for (state social justice) and Hussein salty stubbornness for (hands sincere) and Sawsan Sarhan Faddaalah for (State Fair stream) and Jinan Jassim Salman (Democratic Movement).
In a related context, revealed four political blocs "small" in Anbar Council, on Monday, its claim to the Federal Court to intervene to change the number of representatives on the council in accordance with the "maturity" electoral, attributed to "the desire to achieve balance within the Council."
She said the names of Osama, a member of the provincial council in an interview to (range Press), "The political blocs in the House of Anbar, which got a seat or two seats in the provincial elections years, applied to the Federal Court to change the counting of its members according to the elections for men and women , "likely to" take the Federal Court decision on these requests a month or more to achieve them. "
She said Osama, that "the mass of Ameron demanded the replacement of Bushra Nayef candidate Hudhaifah cream, also called mass popular will replace Ibrahim سرهيد Balmarchh faith Kurd, while expressed block Snaded Iraq, desire replace Hoda Abdel Wahed full candidate Taha Abdel Ghani," noting that " a coalition of national cooperation, Turkish replacement request Fahd Balmarchh Iman Mohammed in the elections to create a balance within the new provincial council. "
The Electoral Commission for elections, announced last July, for ratification of the election results provinces of Anbar and Nineveh, indicating that the Commission's judiciary, appeals filed all settled on the result of the elections in the two provinces.
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