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Is Iraq approaching recovery?

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Is Iraq approaching recovery?

Unread postby admin » Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:33 am

Is Iraq approaching recovery?

Published 03/09/2013 07:25 AM Michael Rubin *

During my trip research, earlier this summer, in Iraq, I talked about a glimmer of progress, particularly in the south of Iraq, this (Citibank) opened an office in Baghdad, Inc. (Boeing) handed over Iraqi Airways, the first installment of a number of aircraft from 737 in the past week. Although Baghdad lag, long time ago, from other parts of Iraq, Vkrdstan Iraq launched first, and then south, is no longer the case as well as in the capital, drew Baghdad began to change for the better: trade promotion came to Baghdad, and the business district in the capital has seen a shift, with Opening (Mansour Mall), On Sunday of last week, hundreds of people walking groups on their way to the building of this giant mall, they are the best clothes, with Lovely Bzenthen women's high heel أحذيتهن, Mthaiat to enjoy the night in the city. It was like Carnival, or display. My father told me, the giggles, while we were passing the place: "All Baghdad here," and added: "In the past, they head to the north, to Irbil, to go to (Majidi Mall)."

The place was equipped with electricity and air conditioners, this luxury in central Iraq, in to Avhh the temperatures of 45 Celsius. Finally, there became a place where people can spend the time and stay away from the heat this summer.

For the first time in at least two decades ago, he was well-known brands in the shops, there are goods (Cotton), and (Al Si and Akikaa), and (Clarks Land geeks), but those shops includes, too, a sign (Aldo) fakes. In addition to this, there are restaurants, you will find (KFC).

Let's talk now about the contradictions: this chicken seller drew my attention while we were passing on their way to the shop displays Rolex watches and Raymond Weil.

To be sure, terrorism will remain a problem. The worst thing the United States can do is to urge a compromise would be really rewarding for extremists to terrorist actions. However wounding the Iraqi president, Jalal Talabani, permanent mentally and physically from a stroke suffered in December 2012, many issues will remain unresolved, politically and socially, even in parliamentary elections next year.

It remains, as in any war-weary country, there is an end of it begin to trust the recovery to happen. It seems that despite the pessimism prevailing in the West, the Iraqis who have the flexibility to pay their country toward affirmative ultimate limit.
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