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Maliki scorched paper will not get a third term

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Maliki scorched paper will not get a third term

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Former Chairman of the Integrity Commission: Maliki scorched paper will not get a third term


Maliki scorched paper will not get a third termErbil / News: Chairman of the Integrity Commission ruled former Judge Rahim Okkaily, on Tuesday, the survival of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the third term, while al-Maliki described as "scorched paper" and not in Iran's interest and support America.

Ugaili said the agency "View News", "The survival of Maliki in the third term is inconsistent with the Constitution and the law," explaining that "the House of Representatives has the right to restrict the mandates of both the President and the Prime Minister and President of the House of Representatives."

He added that "al-Maliki stabbed usual law determine the mandate and was sentenced in his favor," asserting that "the Federal Court does not have the right to disable the legislative role of the Council of Representatives."

He noted that "al-Maliki is seeking a third term evidence that challenged the law determine States and received a judgment in his favor," unlikely "for al-Maliki a third term because of a feud with all the political partners, also worked on the liquidation of the many instead of their participation, so it will not have a chance in the state a third. "

Regarding al-Maliki flew to Tehran and Washington to mobilize support for survival, Ugaili said, "The Maliki burned paper was not in the interest of a future support neither America nor Iran."

He said, "Iran and America's key players in the Iraqi arena, no one can deny their influence, did not بمستطاع the Maliki get a second term without their involvement in his favor," "but the political parties have an important and decisive role in this time."

The Federal Court overturned the law of the mandate of the three presidencies voted by the House of Representatives, as the proposed law and not a bill, and includes a proposed law expiry of the mandate of the President of the Republic the end of the electoral cycle for the House of Representatives, which elected the president by the Board, and may not be the position of President of the Republic by the same person for more than two terms.

Referred to the Judge Rahim Okkaily who has served as Chairman of the Integrity Commission in Baghdad, submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the month of September 2011, as a result then was told about the existence faced pressure from political parties accused of trying to cover up the embezzlement of funds.

The Ugaili, who heads the Authority since January two thousand and eight, earlier accused the "ministers they would prefer to cover up the corruption in their constituencies instead of combat and that money is the main source of funding for the insurgents."
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