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Turkey: We have a parliamentary mandate to attack Syria and Iraq

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Turkey: We have a parliamentary mandate to attack Syria and Iraq

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Turkey: We have a parliamentary mandate to attack Syria and Iraq

Tuesday, 03 September / September 2013 18:50

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Spokesman Turkish government Bulent ارينتش of the Turkey have a mandate from parliament to launch a military strike on Syria and northern Iraq, and they take all the necessary measures to do so.

He ارينتش a news conference after a cabinet meeting, Turkish "We have a parliamentary mandate for strikes on northern Iraq, and we have a mandate for strikes on Syria, we studied within the framework of the mandate on Syria to maintain the security of our country, and if necessary, we can do it again, there is no doubt that the interests of Turkey are also important. "

He added that "the Turkish government are preparations for a possible strike on Syria."

"For a possible attack from the United States and several countries are working with the United States we can only find out where the stand of Turkey in the event of such a strike, but at the moment we are conducting preparations for us and take the necessary measures to deployments potentially may occur in the future."

Turkey has said it would be willing to participate in any international action against Damascus, even if it is outside the framework of the United Nations Ankara also put its armed forces on alert.

Earlier in the day, Turkey's parliament approved a request from the government under the guidance commands the army to carry out military operations inside Syrian territory for "the protection of national security" if necessary.

The approval came on the resolution with a majority of 320 votes against 129 opposed the authorization to launch a military operation inside Syria.

The Otlaa said in a press statement that "this note is not Memorandum of war, is in our hands to use it in case of need in the possible developments in the coming period to protect the interests of Turkey."

The Turkish army responded yesterday evening and this morning, artillery shells hit targets inside Syria, killing a number of Syrian soldiers.

On the other hand, freedom newspaper revealed disagreement between President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Syria.

The newspaper quoted Gul as saying that the strike will not come up in the absence of a political strategy, on the other hand, the newspaper said Erdogan wants a full-scale war and the continuation of military operations until the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The newspaper added that Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu wants an international coalition Turkey enters a direct party in the civil war.

The newspaper accused Erdogan not to Parliament's call for a panel discussion on developments. ended
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