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Iraq calls on the international community in the recovery of stolen money

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Iraq calls on the international community in the recovery of stolen money

Unread postby admin » Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:33 am

Iraq calls on the international community to shoulder its legal responsibilities by helping in the recovery of stolen money

Thursday, 05 September / September 2013 09:02

[Baghdad - where]

Iraq called on the international community to shoulder its legal and moral responsibilities to help him recover the stolen money in other countries.

A statement by the Commission on Public Integrity Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Thursday that "the head of the Integrity Commission Alaa Jawad al-Saadi said in an interview the session third of the Arab Forum for the recovery of funds currently held in the British capital of London, that the wealth of the Iraqi people suffered for nearly four decades to Drain and systematic theft, commissioned the general budget of hundreds of billions of dollars and the sons of the country deprived of opportunities for growth and development and the advancement of large and caused the emergence of the phenomena of poverty, unemployment and corruption. "

The statement added that "al-Saadi, who heads the head of the Iraqi delegation to the meetings attended by representatives of civil society organizations and governments of the Arab countries and the Middle East, North Africa and the Group of Eight stressed that the theft of money and smuggled out of the country has become an international crime, cross-border and threaten its effects serious negative development plans and programs national, comprehensive and portend the collapse of the international economic system through money laundering operations and employment in many legitimate practices in the forefront of terrorist crimes. "

And invited the Chairman of the Integrity Commission, according to the statement "all countries, governments and civil society organizations to take the most stringent measures regarding these crimes, especially money laundering operations or make way for thieves fleeing to invest the amounts stolen in economic activities to reap more profits."

The statement pointed out that "the head of the Integrity Commission warned juicy some countries party for such practices under the pretext benefit from a portion of the revenue and move the economy and absorb part of unemployment has reflected the effects of catastrophic on the overall performance of the movement of trade and economy, money in the world, which calls for a firm stance towards those countries. remarkable attention to Iraq and one of the countries that suffer from these practices. "

He urged Saadi "international parties to formulate protocol to the Convention on the UN anti-corruption required signatory countries to bilateral cooperation and collective entry money looted or deposited in banks or invested in any commercial activities, economic and assist States looted their money to restore and deliver the thieves to it, adding that this would be strict procedure which deter spoilers from the exposure of public money. according to a statement of the Integrity Commission.

The work of the third session had begun on Wednesday to discuss the constructive roles that civil society can play to recover the looted money and help countries stolen money recovered through the search and monitor the movements and reporting and assist in the prosecution.

Speakers and displays the results of tracking their countries for their money stolen and the difficulties faced by some Arab countries to recover their money and the means to benefit from the experiences of other countries in this regard.

Involved the Iraqi delegation, which includes representatives of civil society organizations in dialogues and workshops three organized on the sidelines of the meetings to promote modes of cooperation between civil society organizations in the face of the phenomenon of looting money and trace the stolen money and the formulation of an overall strategy to recover those funds and how they are managed and invested. Ended.
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