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Iraqi expert: navigation agreement with Kuwait ..... Void

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Iraqi expert: navigation agreement with Kuwait ..... Void

Unread postby admin » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:03 am

Iraqi expert: navigation agreement with Kuwait ..... Void

Published 05/09/2013 09:40 AM

BAGHDAD - "arenas of Liberation"
Said legal expert Ahmed Abbadi said "Convention on the Regulation navigation between Iraq and Kuwait in the Khawr Abd Allah is void, because it was committed to UN Security Council Resolution No. 833 of 1993, the notorious private international boundary between the two countries, especially Maitalq the subject of the right of passage navigation for both parties. "

He added Abadi said in a statement today: "The Security Council resolution 833 null and void and non-binding for the Iraqi government being passed in abnormal conditions for Iraq, which was subjected to a military attack by the 33 countries that threatened the unity of Iraq in addition to that was imposed this decision on the Iraqis in 1993, basing evidence from the Kuwaiti side presented only in the absence of Iraq because of its international isolation. "

He pointed out that "the approval of the Council of Representatives to this Convention as possible to avoid them through omission President of the Republic Agency for the signing of this agreement and bring it back to the House of Representatives for the purpose of re-consideration pursuant to the provisions of Article 73 item II of the Constitution, which stipulates that the validity of President of the Republic to ratify the treaties and Alatfiqiat International After the approval of the Council of Representatives. "
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