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Expectations to pass the election law soon

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Expectations to pass the election law soon

Unread postby admin » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:19 am

Expectations to pass the election law soon

Baghdad / follow-up justice - 09/05/2013 - 11:03 pm

In light of the continued discussions and debates on the election law, predicted MP for the coalition of state law WIN in the National Alliance Hassan Sinead, the adoption of the electoral law before the ninth of the month,

He pointed out that now dependent on non-essential points. Sinead said, "will spend election law because it depends now on points and not partial task will therefore be voting on it the day before the {9} September 2013 in order to hold elections on time service to the political process." And decided the House of Representatives on Tuesday that will be next Monday, the deadline to discuss the election law, calling for political blocs to give its observations on the law during this period. Different powers and blocs on the system and the mechanism of the election in the upcoming legislative elections, where preferably each system, which was used in the provincial elections irregular province in 2013, a {St Lego}, while insisting others to change this system, demanding blocks the application of closed-list system and تخالفها other and are moving toward open, and the mass of the citizen representative, has confirmed earlier support for the list of open and constituencies multi-election in the House of Representatives next where between MP Abdul Hussein Abtan that "the bloc confirms its support existing open circuit multi However system {St Lego} that being it simple modification, noting that it supports the proposal not to run dual nationality for the elections, adding that dual nationality paving the way for many of the officials to escape to out of the country after Achtlashm state funds. scheduled to testify April of next year legislative elections to choose a parliament new parliamentarians renewed represent the people and the masses and their bases mass. Meanwhile, most likely Kurdish lawmaker enactment of the elections in the current parliamentary session, referring to the absence of the desire of the political blocs to postpone the upcoming parliamentary elections. said Rep. Mahma Khalil, said that "there is no confirmation on the commitment بالتوافقات constitutional and that in the event does not occur is an emergency he will find the House of Representatives and the time to the enactment of the elections." The MP for the mass of the citizen, Mohammed Allkash, has stressed the the need to hold parliamentary elections, which are scheduled to take place at the beginning of next year, 2014, the timing nor specified. Khelil said that "the law needs to be two-thirds of the members of Parliament to be voted on and so does the rest of the country by a space unconstitutional." and pointed out that "the House of Representatives will be able to approve this law . "Khalil said he" already demanded that there will be the timing of the constitutionality of respects, including the elections until they give respect internal or external. "
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