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Baghdad and the oil companies are gearing up in anticipation of retaliatory attacks if attacked Syri

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Baghdad and the oil companies are gearing up in anticipation of retaliatory attacks if attacked Syri

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Baghdad and the oil companies are gearing up in anticipation of retaliatory attacks if attacked Syria

Published 07/09/2013 07:27 AM

Babinaoz / agencies: industry sources said that Baghdad and foreign oil companies the world working in the fields of oil majors in Iraq strengthen its security measures in anticipation of retaliatory attacks if the United States attacked Syria.
did not affect the violence in Iraq so far on the operations of companies such as Exxon Mobil lobby. me and Eni and Royal Dutch Shell or prevents them from increasing crude production to become Iraq's second-largest producer in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
, but a source Westerner in the oil sector said on condition of anonymity, "all oil companies to take additional measures to ensure the safety of its employees."
and rejected the oil companies to comment on the security arrangements.
while he prepares U.S. President Barack Obama to strike is limited against the forces of President Bashar al-Assad asked the Iraqi Southern Oil Company, which oversees the operations around Basra in the south of the country of workers petroleum reduce their movements.
source said the company "after fears of a hit Syria asked of all foreign companies .. British and the Americans and others .. reduce their movements within the city. "
and will not reduce Western companies appearing publicly only, but will reduce the likely exposure to risk in Iraq as well.
, and an executive said major oil in Baghdad, "I think that all Western companies keen to not have a large number of workers in Iraq "as long as the war continues.
According to the Wall Street Journal on Thursday that the United States objected to an order from an Iranian official militants in Iraq to attack U.S. interests in Baghdad if attacked Washington Syria.
threatened Milishba Iraqi Shia also attack U.S. interests in Iraq and the region if attacked Syria.
obliges the Ministry of Oil companies to open representative offices in Baghdad.
in the Kurdistan region of the semi-autonomous northern Iraq invites companies also caution though Almnttqh succeeded in isolating itself from the violence in the rest of the country.
said a source in the oil company Western " yet نزد our procedures security but - as is always the case in areas such as Iraq - our personnel are on high alert and travel to the region is limited to individuals necessary and requires prior approval. "
and Iraqi forces on alert in the north, where militants attacked a main pipeline that transports crude to Turkey repeatedly during the past months which hampered exports to global markets and plans to Baghdad for expansion in the sector.
said a source in the NOC "in preparation for any emergency we have increased during the past few days checkpoints near the oil installations and the number of security forces guarded."
(preparation Mustafa in favor of the Arab Bulletin)
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