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The full text of the statement issued by the meeting of the three presidencies

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The full text of the statement issued by the meeting of the three presidencies

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The full text of the statement issued by the meeting of the three presidencies and the leaders of the blocks

10/09/2013 12:06 PM

BAGHDAD - morning
publishes the "morning" the full text of a statement issued by the meeting of the three presidencies and the leaders of political blocs, which took place Monday evening in the office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
The following is the text of the statement:
"In light of critical circumstances and developments minute ongoing in the region and the prospects for military intervention in Syria and its repercussions on the conditions of the country's internal, held three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs to a meeting at the headquarters of the Prime Minister to discuss the situation and take the necessary measures to avoid potential damage to the repercussions of the Syrian crisis.
The meeting agreed on the following points:
1 - Rejection of a military strike potential and invite the parties calling for her to support peace efforts instead of resorting to the military option in Syria.
2 - Adopting initiative Iraq to resolve the Syrian crisis and the mobilization effort political, diplomatic and popular success.
3 - condemning the use of weapons chemical from any party and to take measures to prevent its use in the future within the framework of international legitimacy.
4 - The need intensify efforts and continue to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis in order to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people.
5 - The conferees on the importance of ترصين national ranks and work to resolve internal problems through the development of a mechanism to sustain the dialogue between the political blocs at the top of the initiative of social peace and national conference to be held.
6 - Work to calm the scene and renounce sectarian rhetoric and provocation from any party whatsoever, and invite hardware media to remain professional and stay away from incitement, and to ensure the rule of law and the prestige of the state and the accountability of Etjaozaaly it.
7 - The participants on the need to address all our strength to fight terrorism, militias and sectarian practices and inventory of weapons, however, State and take a positive attitude of the demands of the political forces and the legitimate demands of the demonstrators in all parts of Iraq, and approval of the national balance and support the security forces in their plans to combat terrorism and armed groups, and approval of the security and not to the intersection with the rights of citizens constitutional and continue to support the national reconciliation project and support the efforts of the two five-year and seven-and support Matouselt him solutions.
8 - everyone praised the national spirit and high sense of responsibility that prevailed in-depth discussions at the meeting, calling for the need to promote this approach in future meetings. "
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