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Deputy U.S. demands the cessation of aid to Iraq

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Deputy U.S. demands the cessation of aid to Iraq

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Deputy U.S. demands the cessation of aid to Iraq

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Range Press / Washington
Asked the Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Foreign Relations of terrorism and trade in the U.S. House of Representatives Ted Poe (R-Texas) from the Minister of Foreign Affairs John Kerry to stop U.S. aid to the Iraqi government as a result of what he called "the attack on Camp Ashraf."
MP also asked Bo in his book that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send a team of diplomats in Embassy Baghdad to investigate what happened and to inform the Congress the results of this investigation.
And was Assistant Secretary of State acting for Near Eastern Affairs no. Elizabeth Jones has condemned the attack and sent a letter to the President "MKO" in Paris, Maryam Rajavi, which said: "We insist that bring the perpetrators of this barbaric act to justice, and to make every effort to find missing. "
For his part, warned the Mujahideen spokesman in Paris, Shahin Ghobadi repeated attacks in the absence of a firm U.S. position, while carrying spokesman camp Ashraf Mohammed Mahdsin, the U.S. government and U.S. President liability and ethical Alssayasho for failing to secure the safety of residents in the camp.
The UN Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) condemned in (1 Ayawl 2013), killed more than 55 members of the PMOI in Camp Ashraf by trying to break into by the Iraqi security force, and called on Baghdad to "open an urgent investigation into the case" and to ensure safety with elements of the organization.
Announced PMOI opposition, that more than 55 of its members were killed and a large number after storming Iraqi security forces to Camp Ashraf, north of Baghdad, in conjunction with the fall of the mortar, and accused the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of being behind the operation, called a "send" a delegation from the United Nations and the United States of America to the camp to "stop the massacre" that camp residents are exposed.
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