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Iraq calls to speed up the signing of the transmission of Arab funds

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Iraq calls to speed up the signing of the transmission of Arab funds

Unread postby Stillw8n » Thu Sep 12, 2013 10:28 am

Iraq calls to speed up the signing of the transmission of Arab funds

Cairo – Isra Khalifa
called on Iraq to expedite the ratification of the Convention on the transmission of Arab capital and approved by the Doha summit last March to make it easier for Arab businessmen to invest in the Arab countries.

Abdullah said Bandar advisor at the General Authority for Investment: that Iraq was first called to this Agreement has been approved by the Commission and we are serious to facilitate the movement of capital to Iraq without the complexity for investors and Arab businessmen pointing out that there are a large number of Arab investors are acting big in Iraq.

came through the participation of the Iraqi delegation in the work of the Economic Commission arising from the Economic and Social Council Arab, headed by Ahmed آبالون head of relations with the Arab and Islamic states at the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Morocco successor to Egypt, Ambassador Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al-Tuwaijri, Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Affairs of the Arab League, and the participation of representatives of the Ministries of Economy Arabic, which began its work in Cairo and will continue on Thursday as part of ongoing preparations for the regular session (92) of the Council at the ministerial level which will meet at the ministerial level.

For his part, Ambassador Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Tuwaijri, Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League for Economic Affairs that the Commission will review the report of the Secretary-General of the Arab League, d. Nabil Elaraby on economic aspects, also includes the agenda of the important issues have been studied in the technical meetings specialist will be presented to the Council for discussion and approval, including preparations for the Arab summit – Africa’s third to be held in Kuwait on 19 and 20 November next, and focuses economic profile of the summit on the development of inter-Arab cooperation – the African economic areas: trade and investment, infrastructure (transport, telecommunications, energy), the private sector.

indicated that he will be held on the sidelines of the Arab Economic Forum – Africa will be held on 11 and November 12 in Kuwait and will address many of the issues of concern between the two sides, which includes monitoring the implementation of decisions of each of the fifty (91) of the Economic and Social Council and the activity of the economic sector between the two sessions of the Council (91 – 92), and further efforts in the implementation of paragraphs economic issued by (the Lima Declaration issued by the Third Summit of Arab and South American countries in 2012 ).
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