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The outstanding problems with Baghdad will be postponed until after the elections, (HCL)

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The outstanding problems with Baghdad will be postponed until after the elections, (HCL)

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Kurdish official: the outstanding problems with Baghdad will be postponed until after the elections will not give up our rights oil

Friday, September 13 / September 2013 13:00

[pic=]Kurdish official: the outstanding problems with Baghdad will be postponed until after the elections, oil and gas law[/pic]
[Baghdad - where]

Ruled out foreign relations official in the Kurdistan Regional Government Falah Mustafa, the possibility of resolving the outstanding problems between the federal government and the provincial government before the general elections in the country in 2014, including energy management file. (HCL)

Relations between the Governments of the center and the region developed after mutual visits conducted by officials in Baghdad and Erbil over the past months after the tension and disagreements lasted for years concerning the files of the State Administration and the laws involved in the management of oil and gas and the application of Article [140] in the disputed areas, notably the province of Kirkuk.

A statement of the provincial government agency received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it for Mustafa, who is visiting the United States, he said, that "the thaw in relations between Baghdad and Erbil may not include a breakthrough on legislation relating peshmerga and the law of oil and gas or other before the elections Aloutnahalorteur made next year. "

He added that "The issue is that the KRG need a partner, and the partner BJP to be a friendly political will to address the issues, but this is missing in Baghdad yet , in spite of the formation of committees to work to address outstanding issues between the two sides. "

He said Mustafa, "I think we did not have more time to focus on some sensitive issues and serious, but in spite of that if there is a will we be able to eat and to address some of the issues lightest before the elections in 2014, and otherwise we are determined to keep the situation as it is, and the resumption of dialogue talks and allow more time for joint committees to continue their work, and work to find solutions after national elections in 2014 in Baghdad and are going to have the files that will be part and parcel of the process of forming the next government. "

And between the Kurdish official said, "One of these issues, which is unlikely to be resolved before the elections is the law of the Federal Oil," adding, "We have a special approach us for oil in the Kurdistan region, and there are certain rights that we have obtained and we are not willing to make concessions and these are our rights constitutional. "

The President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, visited Baghdad on 7 last July at the head of the delegation of political and government to discuss the outstanding issues in response to a similar visit by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Arbil on June 9 last year and presided over a meeting of the Federal Council of Ministers there, and the visit came Barzani to Baghdad after a three-year break because of political differences, where his last visit 2010.

And spins a dispute between Arbil and Baghdad on 41 contracts, oil and signed by the provincial government since 2007 until now, you see the central government in Baghdad that any oil contract must be done with their consent, and refused Kurdistan recent draft of the oil and gas law approved by the Iraqi government and sent to the House of Representatives for approval, has strongly opposed by the Kurdish bloc.

The Baghdad transactions between the oil companies and the illegal Kurdistan region, while provincial officials say the province has the right management of oil resources, including guaranteed by the Federal Constitution. Ended.
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