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Completion of the draft budget for 2014 and submit them to the Council of Ministers

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Completion of the draft budget for 2014 and submit them to the Council of Ministers

Unread postby Stillw8n » Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:07 am

Completion of the draft budget for 2014 and submit them to the Council of Ministers

Commission announced the economy and investment in the House of Representatives for the completion of the draft budget bill for next year 2014 is waiting for the adjournment of the Council of Ministers.

A member of the Committee on the economy bloc MP Abdul Hussein Abtan citizen “The budget for 2014 submitted to the Council of Ministers has not been approved yet and therefore did not reach the House of Representatives.”

“From the budget is expected to take a full month until completed, and that next year’s budget adopted 3 million and 500 thousand barrels of daily oil exports at $ 90 per barrel.”

Between Abtan that “estimates of the total budget so far reached 166 trillion Iraqi dinars is expected to be completed in November next fully.”

He explained that “the Ministry of Planning and Finance until now in the final stages of drafting the budget and then send to the Cabinet for discussion in several sessions and then put on the House of Representatives to be read and voted upon.”

He pointed out that “the budget deficit to Ajribt by whether salaries for senior positions or salaries, but have its own law.”

He pointed out that “the government each year rate recorded in the budget deficit from which to fill the gap in the event of rising oil prices in the region as well as the theory is based on the proportion of exports and imports but Atatmayora the government now.”

But about unrest recent security in the Arab region Between Abtan “It did not affect the Iraqi economy, especially oil, but it has affected the image positive a high price of Iraqi oil to 102 dollars per barrel, while the negative aspects are that Iraqi oil exports via pipeline Ceyhan stopped for days or weeks because of the recent bombings but there is still problem Baltsidirat but to not be considered a big problem. “

The country suffers each year of delay in approving the general budget until the late months of the year, which affects the workflow and staff in particular.
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