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Parliament ends in a special session read the amendment of the law of elections (expanded)

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Parliament ends in a special session read the amendment of the law of elections (expanded)

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Parliament ends in a special session read the amendment of the law of elections (expanded)

2017/12/2 16:22

Parliament ends in a special session read the amendment of the law of elections

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The House of Representatives ended its special session held under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, the Speaker of the Council and in the presence of 167 deputies today, read and discuss the proposed law to amend the law of the House of Representatives elections.
At the beginning of the session, Jubouri presented a statementby the Information Department of the House of Representatives received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of "thanked the deputies for attending the extraordinary session, which demonstrates their sense of responsibility in passing some important laws, including the law of elections and the Council of Representatives and provincial elections, The House of Representatives will hold a meeting to resolve the points of disagreement on what is related to the provincial elections that the Electoral Commission waiting for resolution.
On the draft law of the federal budget for the fiscal year 2018, d President of the House of Representatives on the arrival of the draft budget law to the Council last Wednesday evening and was referred to the Legal Committee for consideration and receipt of observations regarding it will also be held a series of meetings between the parliamentary blocs and the Executive Authority to discuss some paragraphs, Referring to the possibility of holding an extraordinary session in accordance with the contexts followed to present the draft budget law. The Council ended reading a report and discussion of the proposed amendment to the law of elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives No. 45 of 2013 and submitted by the Legal Committee.
In the interventions of deputies MP Riad Gharib stressed the importance of not less than the age of the candidate for 30 years at the time of nomination with the mandatory candidates of the special class to submit their resignations before 3 months of the elections.
MP Adnan al-Janabi called for the formation of lists of cross-sectarian, ethnic and ethnic, proposing to make Iraq a single constituency.
The MP Joseph Saliwa not to limit the nomination to the membership of the House of Representatives candidate with a bachelor's degree.
MP Mahmoud Reza expressed his support for the need to reduce the age of the candidate for parliamentary elections to 25 years, calling for the lifting of the special vote and make it in one day.
For his part, said MP Ammar Tohma that the proposed law will consolidate the dominance of political forces on the candidates and does not achieve equity and reward opportunities and change, suggesting the adoption of the highest votes for candidates in the electoral district, regardless of belonging to the lists.
MP Awad Al-Awadi called for reducing the number of members of the House of Representatives, to allocate 10% of candidates in the electoral list of holders of the certificate of preparatory school.
MP Shorouq Abayji pointed out that the candidate should not be covered by an amnesty for financial or administrative corruption, indicating that the candidate would guarantee a share of the trade unions in the nomination lists.
MP Talabani pointed to the importance of ensuring the participation of women and winning in the parliamentary elections, demanding the increase of the Fili Kurds a seat in Baghdad.
MP Mohammad Naji confirmed his support for the candidate for the elections to have a certificate of preparatory school and that the age of candidacy 30 years.
The MP Adnan al-Asadi, "the importance of avoiding the synchronization of the date of elections with the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan as well as the need to be a candidate of the rank of director general or governor or deputy minister before the elections three months so as not to take advantage of his office
MP Najeeba Najib said that the acquisition of a strong parliament based on a coherent political process that is to return to a single constituency that the system according to the St. LEGO 1.4 or 1.6 according to a vote - mail in order to ensure the development of the electoral system.
He suggested MP Salah al - Jubouri that the province be a group of electoral districts compared to the population and present the candidate of m Seen in Fmavouk resigned from his post six months before an election.
For his part , MP Kazem Sayadi called for the prevention of dual campaign of nationality from participating in the elections.
He stressed MP Ibrahim Bahr al- Ulum on the need to retain the certificate Preparatory candidate for the elections.
He called MP Raad Aldhlki abandoned the candidate who gets On the membership of the House of Representatives on the nationality of the dual held by
He called MP Yonadam Kanna to find the Electoral Commission for a state reserved the privacy of representatives of the quota in order not to exploit the large blocks of seats in the Christian quota.
MP Ali al-Shukri suggested setting the candidate's age to 25 years, in addition to putting an explicit text prohibiting the winning MP from moving to a bloc other than his first bloc.
MP Hanan al-Fatlawi asked to change the date of the elections and make it on a day off and find solutions to vote the effective security units as well as reducing the number of members of the House of Representatives to 275 deputies.
He stressed the need to create the conditions and environment for voters in the liberated areas and include the obligations of the Council of Ministers in the law of the elections of the Council of Representatives in addition to the resignation of an important position before the elections by six months.
In turn, MP Haneen Qaddou called for making public and private voting at the same time to reduce voting cases more than once.
MP Hassan Salem said that the mechanism of voting on the basis of multiple constituencies in one governorate allows equitable representation of candidates.
MP Zafer al-Ani asks how to give the elected legislature the authority to choose the government cab, which is less efficient and educational.
MP Mahdi Khalil pointed out that the vacancy should be compensated for the highest voter on the electoral list.
In its response to the interventions, the committee stressed the need to take into consideration the proposals of the deputies, asking the Presidency of the Council to grant the Committee an opportunity to offer a two-week proposal to vote, noting that the nomination age of 28 represents a proposal to the Council the right to accept or reject it, pointing out that the current stage requires that the A member of the Council of Representatives has a good academic achievement up to the university certificate or the preparatory certificate according to the votes of the deputies.
President Jubouri instructed the Legal Committee to take the remarks of deputies and put a final version of the proposed law before 20/12 to complete the vote on the law.
President Jubouri announced the convening of an extraordinary session on Sunday, especially the budget, calling on the parliamentary blocs to submit their proposals and observations on this matter.
The Presidency then decided to adjourn the meeting
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