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To the Prime Minister .. Your office sponsors the biggest deal of corruption in the history of Iraq

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To the Prime Minister .. Your office sponsors the biggest deal of corruption in the history of Iraq

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To the Prime Minister .. Your office sponsors the biggest deal of corruption in the history of Iraq


To the Prime Minister .. Your office sponsors the biggest deal of corruption in the history of Iraq

Baghdad News Agency

The slogans of the prime minister are the most recent statements by the prime minister to combat corruption and eradicate it. He wanted the simple citizen, who is absent from his orders because of the years of murder, destruction and corruption, to believe it and dream of achieving it, and to exaggerate himself that the head of power is corrupt.
But it seems that the fight against corruption, like other issues in this country, is dealt with based on desires and animosity, in which thepolicy of eliminating the opponents and the double standards is taken away from justice and seeking the right information aimed at establishing the culture of reform and rooting it in society and accounting for every corruptor even if he is close to the prime minister One of his office staffs !!!
Yes, we are today in front of one of the most dangerous deals and the most suspicious and corrupt and the size equivalent to the budgets of countries and those involved are:
1 - Office of the Prime Minister specifically Mr. Nofal Abu Shun
2 - Mr. Saadi, head of the Harlow group of the United Arab Emirates, known for his involvement in the deal of the residential compound of Basmaya and the refinery of Karbala with former Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki. He received from the Korean Coalition for the project 700 million US dollars shared with Maliki and his son Ahmed and his brother
- Wahib, head of the ship's captain, Nassib, former oil minister, Abdul Karim al-Luaibi, and his economic face, and Adil Hassan al-Sunaid, a former deputy of the Dawa Party, where he was supported by the owner of a koi shop and washing clothes in the Karada area, to one of the largest empires in Iraq, Safaf and companies with a direct cover of the Dawa party and the relationship.
4 - Ra'ad Rafiq, Director General of the Oil Projects Company, was appointed on the basis of a letter issued by the Prime Minister's Office and at the request of Mazen Wajih and the latter guarantees all expenses and expenses of his family in Amman.
5- Diaa Jaafar al-Moussawi, Adviser to the former Minister of Oil and responsible for the file of this project, which is dominated by corruption in all its procedures and the ability of Mr. Zia Al-Kharqa to make the impossible and overcome all obstacles in favor of his masters in the Office of the Prime Minister !!!
We are writing to you and with us sufficient documents and clear evidence on the involvement of this gang and control it on the most important projects of the country and the most sensitive and in contact with the economy, and all that will be mentioned with the documents of the inquiring officials of the Ministry of Oil honorable and who asked us to stop the corrupt procedures and blatant interference from the Prime Minister's Office, Laws and regulations.
Talk about the project of the Iraqi-Jordanian pipeline to transport crude oil from Basra to Najaf (the first phase) and a capacity of 900 thousand barrels per day.
Where the gang, whose names and addresses Nfa by the acquisition of the project and the exclusion of 30 global companies of different nationalities presented to this project at different prices, and surprised everyone by excluding all competing companies and referring the project to the coalition Harlow of Mazen Wajih and Rabban ship of Saadi and Heib without paying attention to stardom prices Their profits and the exclusion of others and a difference of more than a billion and a half billion dollars from their nearest competitors and orders and books issued by the Prime Minister's Office !!!
Not only those who are corrupt with this figure ((billion and a half billion dollars)), but they intended to convert the project to the way of investment, as they did previously with the projects of Karbala refinery and the complex in Samaya and the same dirty methods and agreed among themselves on the tariff of two and a half per barrel of oil per day for a period of twenty-five years !!!
While the progress of many international companies Alrsina to invest the project and at an estimated cost half of this amount, or $ 1 per barrel and at a cost of one and a half billion dollars for the cost of the work of this corrupt coalition.
The directives to form a coalition were issued by the Prime Minister's Office with an official letter, which is contrary to its legal and constitutional powers. Such directives are the sole responsibility of the Council of Ministers. Why should the President take such directives? Why were all the books issued from his office in a very confidential and very urgent form ?!
Is the prime minister involved in this terrible theft?
Is that the Prime Minister with the excess of public money and Iraq is burdened with financial commitments worth billions of dollars? And wasted more than one and a half billion dollars from the treasury of the state?
Does the prime minister support Mazen Wajih? And Saadi Wahib corrupt big?
Has a special economic committee been formed by Prime Minister Mazen Wajih, Saadi, Heib, Noufal Abu Shun and Sadik al-Hassani to finance the prime minister in his next election campaign?
Will the prime minister repeat the same mistakes and previous crimes committed by al-Maliki before him? Will the scandal in Samaya and the refinery of Karbala be restored again and by the same heroes and the same thief Mazen Wajih and Saadi Wahib? But this time with numbers that are more than ten-fold for 25 years.
Will this looting and corruption continue? Will Abadi dismiss his opponents so that he alone and his team will be corrupt?
All these questions are addressed to the Prime Minister and we await him to answer them and review them. Otherwise, we will have to present all the books and correspondence from his office to the public opinion and to the members of parliament. We will expose the actions of Mazen Wajih, Saadi and Weib and present their voice recordings. The Prime Minister, we address the President's country and show him seriousness and national conscience, not to be dragged behind the corrupt and the public money and not repeat the mistakes of his predecessors, otherwise he will find us a firm stance and a strict speech that distracts the corrupt and the history of the media.
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