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Washington Post: Abadi remains at the top of the White House's priorities

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Washington Post: Abadi remains at the top of the White House's priorities

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Washington Post: Abadi remains at the top of the White House's priorities

2017-12-17 at 14:50 (Baghdad time)

Washington Post - Abadi remains at the top of the White Houses priorities

Follow up of Mawazine News
Washington - The survival of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is a priority for the United States, given the "admissibility" of all components, the Washington Post reported Sunday. Sistani came last supportive of him.
The newspaper said in its report that "the highest Shiite authority in Iraq, called last Friday,the armed factions that helped to suppress the call for the restoration of land seized by the choice between politics and weapons," explaining that "in this support to the basic requirement put forward by the President Ministers ".
It also pointed out that "Sistani refrained from canceling the advisory opinion he had launched in June 2014 and urged Iraqi citizens to join the security forces on the day was a sweeping sweeping the country until it ended with the occupation of nearly a third of its area."
"Instead, Sistani said that all weapons should be placed under the control of the state and that all armed groups must move away from political participation," an indication that "is an important step in reducing the situation of alert in Iraq to a state of war after the end of hostilities Against the organization ".
"This call by Sistani, delivered through the weekly prayer sermon in the holy city of Karbala, by the representative of the great religious authority, is coming before the election date next spring, in which Prime Minister Haider Abadi is expected to face a challenge, By faction leaders who gained influence and visibility during their three-year battle against terrorists. "
"The fact that Abadi remains at the top of power in Iraq is a top priority for the United States, which worked closely with the Iraqi prime minister throughout the war. Washington, like many Iraqis, sees Abadi as an acceptable figure in the conflicting parties, Achieving national reconciliation between Sunnis and Shiites ".
"It is now likely that Sistani's recent directives will strengthen Abadi's position, which has already declared that curbing the armed factions is an urgent priority for the stability of the country as he goes on his journey to address the material and social damage left by an authoritarian occupation," the paper said.
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