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Abadi: I have no objection to taking over the government again

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Abadi: I have no objection to taking over the government again

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Abadi: I have no objection to taking over the government again

2018-05-29 at 16:57 (Baghdad time)

Abadi - I have no objection to taking over the government again

BAGHDAD (Reuters) -
Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Tuesday that he is not opposed to taking office again, while stressing that the call to cancel the outcome of the parliamentary elections held on Saturday (May 12, 2018) is incorrect.
"Strengthening security remains a priority for us and we should notbe concerned about the security of our citizens. We are confident in the capabilities of our security forces to thwart terrorist attacks, but caution is a duty and we need more," Abadi told a weekly news conference. Attention ".
"We have honored the security detachment that confronted the suicide bomber in the city of Al-Shula and was able to minimize civilian casualties. I salute these brave people and greet and thank our people in the city of Shoula and their solidarity and cooperation with the security services," he said.
He added that "the disinfection of cells continues to continue in all areas and achieve significant successes in the destruction of their caches and the protection of our international border," and continued "Our air force has dealt another successful blow early this week to Damascus within the Syrian territory is preventive strikes to prevent a gathering and urging the infiltration of elements and do not want Intervention, but the elimination of a preacher, and we will never allow a return to our land and cities again. "
"We held a meeting of the energy committee yesterday to discuss the reality of electricity and solutions to the shortage of electricity production in the past few days and the low level of filters, and added new units and the provision of fuel and maintenance and continued maintenance and add 5000 megawatts soon, and these days will see an improvement in the status of energy Electric and increase in hours provided. "
As for the electoral process and its results, objections and appeals submitted, Abadi said, "The judicial authority is the body that undertakes the investigation and say the word of the chapter and we will respect any decision issued and call it to take the subject with great interest and all parties and the High Electoral Commission to cooperate in this matter to resolve this issue as soon as possible" .
Called Abadi, all political blocs to "follow the legal methods in the issue of appeals and we also need the ratification of the Federal Court," warning of "the unknown and constitutional vacuum."
He stressed that "the call to cancel the elections is not true," surprising "the statement of the Commission the possibility of civil war in the event of cancellation of the election results."
"It is the duty of the Commission to control its work and to preserve the voices of citizens."
"I do not mind taking over the government again," Abadi said.
The Iraqis voted on Saturday 12 May 2018 to elect a new parliament. These elections are the first after the defeat of the "Da'ash" organization, while the Independent Electoral Commission announced that the participation rate in the elections was 44%.
On Tuesday, the cabinet convenes a regular session chaired by its chairman, Haider al-Abadi, to discuss and vote on a number of laws on its agenda. Abadi will hold a press conference to discuss the latest political, security, social and economic developments.
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