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Report: Nearly 10 million ballot papers will be counted and sorted manually and results may change

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Report: Nearly 10 million ballot papers will be counted and sorted manually and results may change

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Report: Nearly 10 million ballot papers will be counted and sorted manually and results may change

2018-06-08 at 08:59 (Baghdad time)

Report - Nearly 10 million ballot papers will be counted and sorted manually and results may change

Follow-up of Mawazine News
After the exclusion of the votes of Iraqis abroad and internally displaced, amounting to more than one million votes, in accordance with the decisions of the Parliament, which is binding and began Iraqi judicial teams to implement in the light of Article 78 of the Iraqi Constitution .
It is scheduled to arrive, on Friday morning, other judicial teams to put their hands on the offices of the Electoral Commission in all theprovinces of the country's eighteen, including the provinces of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, as informed sources, pointing out that the headquarters of the Commission President located near the region Green, "has become fully guardianship of the judiciary after the expulsion of members of the Commission and its officials, in a manner of humiliation, by the forces that accompany the Iraqi judicial team."
"Minister: a number of UNHCR officials will end up in prison"
A senior Iraqi official in Baghdad, according to the newspaper "Arab New" country, said that "is scheduled to start the process of counting and sorting manually to all the ballot boxes in the country distributed over more than 54 thousand polling stations in 18 constituencies in less than one week from now "He explained that" nine senior judges were named by the Supreme Judicial Council, and will meet on Sunday to discuss the plan of counting and sorting. "
The same minister pointed out that "all ballot boxes and organs are protected judicial and each judge delegated as a director general and has wide powers," revealing that "will be the staff of the Office of Financial Supervision and the University of Baghdad and cadres of the Ministry of Education and the courts of primitive provinces and the Bar Association, And manual sorting, which may take more than a week. "
"It is certain that a number of UNHCR officials and board members will end up in prison, either for evidence and documents relating to financial bribery or bias of political entities, or because of corrupt equipment purchased for electronic voting, which is found to be inappropriate and inaccurate, That the price that was calculated on the government multiplied by the real price several times.
Security personnel in UNHCR were withdrawn and replaced by others, in accordance with the procedures of the Higher Judicial Council, which also imposed a ban on politicians and officials from UNHCR headquarters and offices.
In this context, a member of the alliance, "victory", which is led by the current Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, "The recent parliamentary decisions will change a lot of the form of the new parliament, and some of the faces that have risen to parliament will emerge from it, and vice versa, there is lost will return to Parliament winner With seats that qualify him, most notably the current parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri. "
He added that "the next stage will be very serious, and Iraq will face many problems because of the political crises that will emerge after the new results, which will be different from the original We are currently awaiting the opinion of the Iraqi judiciary on these developments," noting that "all political blocs will be affected by the result of manual counting , And the alliance of others if I said his chances, may instruct his audience to return to the demonstrations again.
A member of the alliance "victory" that "there are known names will return to the Parliament again, such as Hanan al-Fatlawi and Mishan Jubouri and Ali Al-Shalah and Salman Jumaili, and faces can be said that it is a factor of religious strife in Iraq, and will fall others, such as Zafer al-Ani, Nuri al-Maliki, "asserting that" boycotting some of the leaders of the results of the elections (Sadrists and victory, the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Kurdistan Union and the solution), evidence that they fear losing a number of their seats if the counting and counting manually. "
For his part, said the leader of the coalition, "State of Law," Saad Almtalibi, "that more than half a million votes will be counted in the new phase, after being neglected by the Electoral Commission for technical considerations."
"We have 25 seats and we are currently working with the other blocs to form the majority government that we are seeking to achieve," said Muttalibi, who is in charge of re-counting and referring the commissioners to the Integrity Commission to restore the sanctity of the elections and confidence between the citizen and the political process.
He added that "the election results change does not matter, and I hope that the detection and manual counting of some of the fraud in the recent elections," noting that "counting and sorting will be counted half a million ballot papers were neglected due to technical errors suffered by electronic devices, Election and its connection to sealing ".
"Najjar: the results of the Alliance Suron will not be affected"
For his part, said a member of the alliance, "Asron," Hussein al-Najjar, "The stage of counting and sorting by hand and those who maintain it, they have to be careful about the votes of voters, but I ask where was this rejection of the deputies, when we were demonstrating in the squares of Baghdad to demand the need to change the Electoral Commission In accordance with the new system, relying on independence and efficiency? And why our voices did not hear the House of Representatives? ", Pointing out that" the corrupt stood in front of our demands to amend the Electoral Commission, and they have lost the elections and went to amend the election law to benefit from it commensurate with their ambitions.
He said that "the results of Alliance Suron will not be affected, and will remain the winner of the highest votes even after the announcement of the results of counting and manual sorting."
In turn, explained the legal expert Ali Tamimi, that "the outputs of the House of Representatives on the re-counting and sorting by hand is not wrong, which is legal and effective from the date of voting in the House of Representatives," pointing out that "Parliament replaced the Board of Commissioners with nine judges, and will be supervisors of the elections only , And not administrators, and in each province there will be a judge. "
He added that "the Iraqi Council of Representatives is entitled to vote on other issues in the coming days, because it is still working according to the law, and powers expire at the end of this month."

The biggest bloc negotiations have stopped

In a related context, the leader of the Iraqi civil movement, Ahmed Salam al-Mayahi, said that the decisions of the parliament "hit the negotiations between the political blocs paralyzed, as it stopped during the past hours completely," noting that "the abolition of the votes of voters in the Diaspora, as well as the voices of displaced, And sorting, may result in the rise of blocks and other descent, which may restore the map of the priorities of the political blocs among them.
"We are talking about 15 to 20 deputies will be removed from the list of winners, while others will go losers instead of them," he said, wondering, "But what about manual counting and counting, how will appear uneven and how much will be revealed from fraud?
"The time is longer and there is a lot of waiting and negotiation between the blocks, it is unlikely to end the current tangle before the end of the month," he said.
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