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Deputy Speaker: The thief of public money is no different from Baghdadi

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Deputy Speaker: The thief of public money is no different from Baghdadi

Unread postby admin » Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:05 am

Deputy Speaker: The thief of public money is no different from Baghdadi

2018/10/8 15:26

Deputy Speaker - The thief of public money is no different from Baghdadi

The first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Hassan al-Kaabi, called on the supervisory institutions, including the Authority of Integrity, to expedite the completion of cases related to corruption and to open all files that have not been opened before, in order to ensure accountabilityof senior spoilers and their delivery to the judiciary. Iraq".
Al-Kaabi visited the headquarters of the Integrity Commission on Monday and met with its chairman, Ezzat Tawfiq Jafar and the cadre in which he briefed "the mechanism of the work of the departments within the body and the challenges facing the system in general."
Al-Kaabi said that "the House of Representatives in its current session will be a cycle of" fighters "against each of the looting of Iraq's assets and enjoy the funds outside the country," adding that "the terrorist {leader of Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi is no different from the thief of public money, "As he put it.
He pointed out that "the presidency and members of the Council agreed to hold accountable the spoilers until they reach the hands of justice, and we will give our lives in Sibl al-Qassas them," noting that "among the priorities of this session support the institutional work and oversight of the integrity and take measures to detect and combat corruption and accountability spoilers and support the work of bodies In all areas. "
The First Vice-President of the Council discussed with the cadre of integrity the need to work on the development of performance and laws on integrity and take a set of deterrent measures commensurate with the modern methods in the corruption system and to ensure speed in the deterrence of corruption and accountability of the most arithmetic. "
He stressed" the participation of members of the regulatory controls, To discuss the relevant laws, praising the efforts of those working in integrity, "calling at the same time" to intensify efforts as the foundation stone in the fight against corruption and the task of instilling confidence in the citizen and the dissemination of awareness and education to the widest range. "
For his part, explained the head of integrity "The structure of the body and the functions assigned to each of its departments and the directorates and offices of the investigation that are deployed throughout Iraq," noting that "the staff of the body has the legal capacity and accumulated experience, making them at the forefront of anti-corruption in the region"
He called for "the need to reform the legal system, To corruption through legislation and amend some laws that contribute to the fight against corruption, wishing that the current parliamentary session is a good supporter of the work of the SAIs, particularly the Integrity Commission; explaining that the fight against corruption requires a work of solidarity involving all institutions of the State Rentier, executive and judicial ".anthy
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