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URGENT House of Representatives: Abdul Mahdi in the last step to announce his government

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URGENT House of Representatives: Abdul Mahdi in the last step to announce his government

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URGENT House of Representatives: Abdul Mahdi in the last step to announce his government

2018/10/17 13:40

URGENT House of Representatives - Abdul Mahdi in the last step to announce his government

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Salman al-Tai, said that the Prime Minister in charge of Adel Abdul-Mahdi, in the last step to form his cabinet and announce its announcement.
"The time is still not embarrassing in front of Abdul Mahdi, which is the number of his cabinet and the mechanism of distribution of ministries and is now looking to nominate candidatesfor the receipt of these bags," he said, pointing out that "the House of Representatives will be firm in front of the next government will not give the full opportunity if Did not achieve achievements. "
He pointed out that "Abdul Mahdi did not face what his predecessors faced and has the support of the religious authority and political blocs and the street and all the conditions for him to form a comfortable cabinet and even pressures in the backstage and scenes are not the pressure exerted on the former prime ministers so conditions are fully prepared for him to form a government.
"The majority of the political blocs have representatives in the House of Representatives and believes that their presence in the government can provide something to its disgruntled audience and the next prime minister to take into account this matter and go to form a government that takes into account the representation of everyone and choose one of the candidates of the blocs and in accordance with his conditions, And the masses of the blocks. "
"He is likely to make a balance between the candidates of the blocs and the electronic window, which is free, but from the constitutional point of view it is possible to present an incomplete ministerial cabin and leave another for another time, and the time limit for the commission may end up not agreeing on a ministry or two ministries."
"The circumstances surrounding the formation of the government is still acceptable and there are no intersections between the taxpayer and the blocs and some problems may arise, but the general situation is positive for Abdul Mahdi, and if he did not submit his booth to the House of Representatives in the last week of his constitutional period we can say that Henk obstacles and problems may loom large after the formation of the government. "
He pointed out that "90% of the current House of Representatives are young and this means that the supervision will be strict and the government to warn of these young people," noting that "the new ministers to prove their efficiency management and performance in the first months, it will protect the government from any future questioning in parliament "He said.
He added that "the era of conflicts is over and the atmosphere of understandings and objections to the formation of the government will be serious."
He added that "the previous accusations were to impose wills and today there is no such thing and Abdul Mahdi is acceptable to all and will continue these understandings throughout the life of this government to the existence of a political balance between reform and construction in the House of Representatives, which did not happen in the last parliamentary sessions."
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