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Fouad Hussein officially takes over as finance minister

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Fouad Hussein officially takes over as finance minister

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Fouad Hussein officially takes over as finance minister


Fouad Hussein officially takes over as finance minister


Finance Minister Fuad Hussein officially took office on Tuesday.

According to a statement issued by the ministry's media department, "The Trend Press" obtained a copy of it, that "Fuad Mohammed Hussein began his official functions in the ministry in the presence of the Undersecretaryof the Ministry and the Inspector General and the Directors General, experts and advisers."

"The ministry will seek a new approach that will contribute to the development of economic policy and the stage of construction and reconstruction and fighting corruption, stressing the need to align these policies with the objectives of the National Development Plan and focus on human capital in everything related to fighting poverty and reduce Of unemployment as stressed by the sovereignty of the need to review the draft federal budget law and in line with these directives.

"The assignment of this task is not easy and he will work hard to develop the work of the ministry, which will necessarily reflect on the service of the country in general."

He also stressed the need to follow up the needs of all governorates, especially the follow-up of the situation in the province of Basra as it is considered the main artery of the Iraqi economy in addition to interest in the city of Mosul in terms of archeology and civilization as it reflects the cultural heritage of Iraq in general.
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