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United Nations commends the Iraqi government for "reform" of the public sector

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United Nations commends the Iraqi government for "reform" of the public sector

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United Nations commends the Iraqi government for "reform" of the public sector

Range Press / Baghdad
Praised the United Nations on Wednesday, the Iraqi government “to fix” the public sector and develop dramatically, and called for the granting authorities and independent judicial freedom for its role of oversight and accountability “, while confirming the need for coordination between the institutions of the state executive, legislative and judiciary to fight corruption.

The Deputy Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Jacqueline بادكوك during the Forum Baghdad International to evaluate the anti-corruption strategy and asset recovery, which was held today in Baghdad and attended (Long Press), said that “accountability, transparency and anti-corruption are areas of great importance for Iraq and the region as well,” indicating that “these issues are having a positive impact on the delivery of services.”

He بادكوك that “holding such a conference to demonstrate the need to hold negligent is a positive phenomenon mission is to improve the work of governments,” stating, “We are aware that these concepts enhance the citizens’ trust in public institutions and have a positive impact on their lives through access to quality services.”

She Bangkok that “the factor of transparency in the public sector is a valuable concept in the performance of the government”, Mhnata “the Iraqi government on its membership in the United Nations Charter to combat corruption.”

She drew Bangkok that “this Charter calls upon Member States to apply a wide range of anti-corruption measures through their institutions and their activities,” pointing out that “building a strong system to combat corruption in the public sector enterprises, is an essential factor in supporting the process of accountability, transparency and anti-corruption efforts” .

Bangkok hailed as “the Iraqi government to support the process of reform of the public sector which has evolved a lot,” noting that “the United Nations is an important role of the Authority in this area, they are the main in the process of scrutiny and keeping the balance.”
Bangkok stressed the need for “coordination between the institutions of the state executive, legislative and judicial sector,” indicating that “all of these institutions have a separate and important role in the interest of one to build a system of accountability and transparency of the system and to effectively combat corruption.”

And called on Bangkok to “work on the granting agencies and independent judiciary in particular freedom in their role of oversight and accountability in accordance with decisions of the Charter provided for in the fight against corruption and the Constitution of Iraq,” adding that “the media and civil society organizations have a role also essential in supporting these efforts as a oversight. “

The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani said during a speech at the same conference that the government has been able to curb the rampant corruption in state institutions, and carry the House of Representatives responsible for the escape of Ministers and DGs involved issues of administrative and financial corruption, while the student to return them to the country and bring them to eliminate the fair.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi parliament approved in its previous general amnesty law at the end of the month of February of 2008 was the release of thousands of detainees involved issues of administrative corruption and fraud-related offenses and terrorism.

The U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID confirmed, on Tuesday (the seventh of May 2013), submitted nearly nine billion dollars in support of Iraq since 2003 last year, while showed that the support “will continue for a few more years” despite shrinking budgets, felt that “more corruption in the ministries Iraq is through the procurement system used in it. “

The leader Moqtada al-Sadr called on Thursday (second from May 2013), Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to apply the law and the Constitution the right of proving him charges of “corruption and extortion”, he promised not to apply the law to those spoilers “negligence” of the prime duties, while “cursed” Anyone who has the power and influence and “acquiescence corrupt or afraid of them.”

The phenomenon of corruption the biggest challenge to the security side, facing the Iraqi governments since the end of the U.S. war on Iraq in 2003, The levels of corruption in Iraq, an end has led international organizations specialized to put it among the countries most corrupt in the world, solving Iraq in 2012, the last in ranked third in terms of the level of corruption in it.

It is noteworthy that the Integrity Commission, announced on the fourth of February 2013, on the transfer of about six thousand accused of corruption to the competent courts in the past year 2012, indicating that the amount of transactions that took place where corrupt practices exceeded the trillion dinars.
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