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United Nations expresses its support for Iraq’s five-year development plan

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United Nations expresses its support for Iraq’s five-year development plan

Unread postby Stillw8n » Fri Jun 21, 2013 11:24 am

United Nations expresses its support for Iraq’s five-year development plan


Baghdad / term Presse seen by the Ministry of Planning yesterday the United Nations Mission to the five-year plan for the years (2013-2017) developed by, and promised that the success of the five-year plan “a real challenge to the Iraqi government,” asserting their need to “support” the United Nations to make it a success, while shown recent willingness to provide “help new Iraq” in this regard.

said Planning Minister Ali Shukri, yesterday, in a joint press conference with the help of Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Jacqueline بادكوك, following a meeting with them, the ministry building, and attended (range Press), “The efforts Organization of the United Nations Development in supporting the five-year plan the new is very important, “adding that” the ministry briefed the UN on the five-year plan, which was launched only in Arabic. “

added Shukri, the success of five-year plan is challenging a real government, being focused on things innovative therapy poverty and layered fragile, “noting that” the Council of Ministers decided yesterday the distribution of plots of land with an area 150 meters to poor families. ” said Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation that “identify these families is the duty of the ministry.”

For its part, said Assistant Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jacqueline Bdcock, “The meeting focused on a number of priorities and ways to speed up job opportunities outside the oil sector, energy and strengthening the public sector and tackle poverty and families vulnerable.” explained Bdcock that “the two parties discussed the possibility of United Nations assistance through organizations of 20 operating in Iraq, to the government in the field of development, “asserting” the commitment of the international organization to support the new development plan. “

It was media advisor to the Prime Minister, Ali al-Moussawi, announced yesterday, that “the Council of Ministers decided, during its regular, which was held yesterday, distribution of spare residential land per poor does not have any house or piece of land or can not provide housing for himself and his family, “adding that the decision came after the” failure “of attempts to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki pass a law infrastructure. , the Ministry of Planning, renewed in (13 May 2013), “concern of excessive population growth “in Iraq, and stressed that the annual population growth rate of” (3%), “and called for the need to” enact laws for birth control. ” on the level of urban and health service, as is allocated budgets for large financial for such purposes.
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