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International assessment of the economy and its sustainability

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International assessment of the economy and its sustainability

Unread postby Stillw8n » Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:38 pm

International assessment of the economy and its sustainability

Yasser incumbent
optimistic frequently exit of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII and rely upon the achievement of economic advancement and coincided with the decision issued global assessment of the IMF, which predicted through which to reach the growth rate in Iraq (9 percent), and is now required to Nadim this optimism and Nstthmrh to compensate for the country than death of development and reform, but we note that some malpractices may deprive us of the opportunity to take advantage of them, especially in the treatment of some of the negatives incorrectly and that the processors are made ​​through statements to the media and practices suspicious with international companies and international banks such as that exercised the right of the Iraqi banking sector and deal with the challenges faces.

believe that handle any error might occur by one of the banks does not require it to punish collectively Per banks and reflected this image to the world is confused and give the wrong idea about the whole sector Vtazv international companies from dealing with him at a time where we are in dire be to these experiences to rebuild Iraq and the reconstruction and thus lost opportunities.

then that treatment with the fault must be in a legal way, without affecting the reputation of Iraqi banks are not in these ways that are harmful to the national economy does not attack the media which damages the reputation of Iraq’s economic and started trying to Ndimha way that promotes international banks to invest capital their money here in Iraq.

what prompted me to talk about this aspect is made ​​by the British ambassador of the answer to the question submitted by the representative of the Association of private banks in Iraq, the Economic Commission for Cabinet Nawzad dry at a reception and a panel discussion organized by a number of members of the General Association of Banks with a number Ambassadors about the failure of the companies in Britain and its banks to invest in Iraq, where he said that the companies his own vision blurred from the Iraqi reality and the image of a gray because of the media devoted against the banks that prevents them from coming here despite the cravings have to participate to know potential Iraqi and investment opportunities many but jamming and intimidate the media and behind the reluctance.

So this is all about, the impression bad about Iraq to the need them to participate in its construction and the reason is to deal wrong with the problems that we face a natural especially as we are in transition from an economic totalitarian to a free economy, and this is the tax that it incurs because of the lack dealing with the challenges of running an efficient and rare conducive to investment opportunities and make up for what we missed them during ten years ago on the stage of change.

one of the most important means of maintaining the international assessment of a clear and explicit is away some of the statements that harm the reputation of Iraq’s economic and especially those that come from before is specialists and conversant with the knowledge and information about how to handle and deal with the monetary and fiscal policy and leave it to the owners of jurisdiction as to deal with the problems faced by these sectors is supposed to be ways transparent legal away from accusations haphazardly and outside the media statements issued by both HP and bear without realizing the negative effects on the Iraqi economy and international reputation in this regard.
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