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UN: We will not close our office in Iraq and Washington's decision to "temporary measures"

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UN: We will not close our office in Iraq and Washington's decision to "temporary measures"

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UN: We will not close our office in Iraq and Washington's decision to "temporary measures"

BAGHDAD / News: announced that the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), on Sunday, it does not intend to close its office in Baghdad, similar to the U.S. embassy, ​​saying that the work will remain constant, while promised to shut down Washington its embassy “Tdabira and the temporary.”

The spokeswoman for the UN mission Ileana Nabah told “View News”, “The work of the mission in Iraq continues and there is no intention or idea to shut down our office or to leave,” asserting that “the closure of the U.S. for the embassy in Baghdad was partly for several days, and not just in Iraq but in several countries of the world. “

And promised Nabah decision and Washington to close its embassy “Tdabira and temporary embassy took it on the issues of concern to them.”

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad announced the shut down, starting from Sunday, (August 4, 2013), to receive instructions from before Wara State, as has been the prevention Mozfa to leave the embassy, ​​fearing for their lives, after they received threats from al-Qaeda targeting diplomats.
The decision includes the closure of the U.S. embassy several countries, including Kuwait, Egypt and Libya, while the United States subjected its embassy in Yemen to strict procedures.

An informed source revealed at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, on Sunday, all embassy staff received strict instructions of not get out of the embassy building, inside the Green Zone, pointing out that these instructions carried out to coincide with the start of the closure of the embassy in Baghdad.

The U.S. reports, pointed out that U.S. intelligence picked up signs of the existence of a terrorist plot to al-Qaeda to target Centers U.S. diplomat in the Middle East and in other Muslim countries, forcing U.S. officials to take these threats seriously, as a plot real and not just gossip ordinary between the terrorists who are talking about attacks want to do.

And the impact of Washington’s decision to close its embassy in Baghdad on the Iraqi street as witness DC, استنفارا of security, preceded by the closure of most of the areas, paralyzing traffic between the sides Karkh and Rusafa.

The security sources said the agency “News”, “The security forces mobilized all Qtatha, said alarm (c), within its ranks, and began Ajerouat tight carried out since this morning, which shut down several areas in Baghdad.”

Iraq has seen many armed operations coordinated during the past period, including the escape of prisoners from the prisons of the whale and Abu Ghraib, and the subsequent attacks “fierce” long Baghdad and Basra, Wasit and other areas and reaped what Anhaz the 300 victims were killed or wounded, the decision comes America to close its embassy in Iraq and enhances concerns about Alstqubl of the security of the country, which threatens not okay.
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