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United Nations experts and TI hail Iraq's efforts to combat corruption

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United Nations experts and TI hail Iraq's efforts to combat corruption

Unread postby Stillw8n » Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:09 am

United Nations experts and TI hail Iraq's efforts to combat corruption

BAGHDAD – babysit -
Expressed experts of the United Nations in the fight against corruption for the high appreciation of the sincere efforts of Iraq in order to fully implement its commitments contained in the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

According to a statement, today, to the Integrity Commission, received news agency public opinion a copy of it, that “Jason Rajkr official social justice and the fight against crime in the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime, based in Vienna, Jonathan Iker expert in the office stressed that” Iraq has made significant strides and successful direction of development of the Convention International implementation compared to other countries is subject to ongoing review by the international parties to implement their obligations. “

And Rajkr said at the end of a workshop organized by the United Nations and the integrity of the Iraqi Academy of Anti-Corruption on international cooperation to recover money criminals and contraband, that “Iraq stands at the forefront of leading and developing countries in the application of the Convention.”

The expert said Jonathan Iker, who participated in some meetings of international experts in Vienna to assess the extent of Iraq’s commitment to the implementation of its obligations to the International Convention, that “Iraq has been positive steps to implement the United Nations Convention,” noting in this regard to the “expert reports Malaysians who participate counterparts Jordanians in Iraqi actions as calendar confirmed that the Iraqi national legislation compatible with the requirements of the International Convention. “

He said among the Integrity Commission that citations United Nations officials were in line with the positive impression the large painted by officials of Transparency International after a series of meetings and talks in Berlin early last March with an Iraqi delegation headed by Judge Alaa Jawad Hameed, head of the Integrity Commission included representatives from civil society organizations and inspectors general and the media .

It was one of the first indicators of success talks announcement director of the Middle East and North Africa organization Christophe Weekly, said TI plans to establish a presence in Iraq after it was derives its information from Corruption Perceptions in the country of the characters and the parties to assess the overseas long ago and do not have the facts detailed for its internal reality
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