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7-24-2013 *Adam Montana

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7-24-2013 *Adam Montana

Unread postby Vixen » Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:47 am

7-24-2013 *Adam Montana ~I've been scouring the internet all week looking for something solid...there is a LOT of talking going on right now, but they aren't talking about what I want to hear: HCL. Here's what we HAVE seen, though: In the banking sector all of the banks have agreed to go along with whatever rate the CBI sets. We must understand how important this is, because although the CBI sets the rate, they need the cooperation of at least the majority of the individual banks - and they have the support of ALL the individual banks. This is a great sign. In addition to that, the DFI is voicing the desire to speed up the "improvement" of the value for the benefit of the Iraqi people, and despite the original plans to have tomorrow be a non-auction holiday, they have decided to continue working... that might also be something to watch towards the end of this week. So that's the situation "in a nutshell"... unfortunately, even though the banks and CBI are showing positive moves, I still want some solid HCL news before I get too excited. With all the yapping from Ban Kai and the rest of the talking heads lately, it seems to me that they are attempting to divert attention away from something. That could be a positive sign, if they are trying to make sure they are fresh in everyone's brains so they can try to take credit for a major event like an RV or they might just be fluffing, knowing that nothing is going to happen before Ramadan is over. Lucky for us, either way - Ramadan is almost over. So, hang in there my friends.
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