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8-22-13 *Adam Montana

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8-22-13 *Adam Montana

Unread postby Vixen » Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:08 am

8-21-2013 *Adam Montana ~[How is currency valued? Gold reserves? Is this the reason why we have not seen the IQD change?] The Iraqi currency is set by the CBI - basically, whatever the CBI says the value is - that's what it is. I know that might sound overly simple, but it literally IS that simple. If the CBI says they will pay .10 for the Dinar, then it's worth .10. If they say they will pay $2 for it - the rate is $2. And if Iraq would just pass the HCL, allowing them to kick their oil business into high gear, they should have NO PROBLEM generating the faith and revenue to kick their currency value up to at least $1.
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