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9-5-2013 *Adam Montana

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9-5-2013 *Adam Montana

Unread postby Vixen » Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:01 am

9-5-2013 *Adam Montana ~in order for Iraq to make any significant change in their currency value, they need to be able to back it up. Since the majority of Iraq's economy (business) is based on Oil, they must have means to sell their product in order to maintain their business. no ability to sell oil = no ability to maintain value on currency. Iraq can't simply produce oil and call themselves rich... they must put that oil in the hands of buyers and collect payment for it.Enter Syria...Syria COULD become a roadblock for a potential RV, but in my opinion ONLY if the situation turns into a MAJOR war. If things get out of control, their could be an effect on the HCL and delay things for a few months. Now if you look at the news this last'll see a trend. In SPITE of the situation in Syria, Iraq is STILL moving forward politically and is STILL standing as strong as before, and getting stronger. I expect the currency to do the same.
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