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5-20-2015 *Breitling

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5-20-2015 *Breitling

Unread postby Vixen » Thu May 21, 2015 9:50 am

5-20-2015 *Breitling ~Twice a day I get these emails [You talk about Iraq and you talk about these articles well I've got a friend in Iraq and he says he doesn't see these articles or they are not talking about that…he's in the banking industry.] It's real simple…go to your local bank and ask them where the value of their money comes from…they have no clue. I'm not saying their friend is an idiot but don't ever assume, you're looking for data not someone's opinion, you're looking for numbers, you're looking for fact and sometimes you can ask a friend who will lead you to that and that's fine…but "I have a friend in Iraq and he says that's not what he's reading" What the hell's that supposed to mean? I live in the United States and I'm surrounded by people who have no clue how this all works. Their own currency. The economy. Absolutely clueless. You just need to confirm numbers and then compare.
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