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5-27-2015 *Adam Montana

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5-27-2015 *Adam Montana

Unread postby Vixen » Wed May 27, 2015 10:28 am

5-27-2015 *Adam Montana ~[During Ramadan, does the Iraqi parliament meet at all or is it in recess until the end of Ramadan? If it is in session can they pass any legislation on things like the HCL? And is it legal for the Bank of Iraq to RV during Ramadan?] I've always said in the past that nothing major happens during Ramadan and I don't have much reason right now to think that will change, BUT we have a couple of pending things. 1. The US is now moving in favor of adding more support to Iraq with the motive of defeating ISIS. 2. We're still on the verge of major HCL movement. If we get immediate movement on those two things, or a couple of other key items, then we might see pressure on Parliament to break tradition and actually sing some high notes during Ramadan. The timing of everything is key right now. So to answer the rest of your question, YES it is possible to see major activity from Parliament, even during Ramadan. I always said it wasn't likely in the past, but this year could be different, depending on how things go over the next couple weeks.
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