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1-7-2016 *Adam Montana

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1-7-2016 *Adam Montana

Unread postby Vixen » Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:57 am

1-7-2016 *Adam Montana ~According to the latest, we should be seeing the Budget OFFICIAL around mid-month, and there is strong talk of getting the oil law rammed into place as well. I LIKE IT! According to the news, Parliament resumes on the 16th and the second session will be on the 19th. If I had to point at any key dates, those are pretty high on my list. Now, besides the fact that this is the earliest I've ever seen the Budget on track to be done since I started following Iraq, and the very real fact that they are seriously working on getting the HCL accomplished, there is just a great "feeling" that things are going well for them (and therefore us as well). 2016 has a great shot at being THE year, friends!

1-7-2016 *Adam Montana ~[ I recently heard the budget should be signed this week. Please refresh my memory...but I thought it had to be posted in the paper before it could be ratified. I cannot recall the order of the process.] It is scheduled for mid-month, after which time it will be posted in the Gazette, and then it is officially official. [When the budget is posted/passed/ finalized - do you think some of the smarter members here will be able to tease out the future of the HCL and the projected RV rates?]'s my hope that we won't have time to theorize - once the budget is passed, HCL should be next on the list, and with any luck we'll be blind-sided by an overnight RV.
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