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Duke's cliff notes for 1/13/2012

Unread postPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:55 am
by Duke
Duke's cliff notes for 1/13/2012

Good Morning,well another week has passed and the RV is still on the horizon. So let's enjoy the weekend have a great time with your family, and I start next week with a new hope that the RV will happen and the lives of the Iraqi people as well as others that invested in the dinar has a happy ending.

Today only say thank you to everyone that reads my cliff notes. It does give me some validation that I am given some information that people want to hear about. I've noticed that my word for the day is a popular feature and I hope you enjoy and learn new words every time you read, thank you. And even though it may seem foolish, my jokes at the end of my cliff notes is just a little something to help you start your day a little lighthearted with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.

So have a great weekend, have a great day and RV soon.

1. No currency auction tday.

2. Word of the Day:Friday January 13, 2012: viscid

3. Deputy for Iraq: the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII will depress economic times

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4. Pessimistic observers of the possibility of holding the national dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil

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5. Talabani leads the last chance to meet with the political blocs

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6. Talabani, Maliki and the Disputed Territories


P. S. More Funny Pictures,r:10,s:70

PP. SS. More Funny Pictures.,r:4,s:144

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