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Duke's A M Cliff's notes for 1/25/2012

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Duke's A M Cliff's notes for 1/25/2012

Unread postby Duke » Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:23 am

Duke's A M Cliff's notes for 1/25/2012
Good Morning, well Tuesday has come and gone, and we still have no RV. A lot of people describe waiting for the RV to occur as a roller coaster ride. Well at this point if it is a roller coaster ride we are on a roller coaster that going forward and now is going backwards and waiting for to go forward again for the RV to occur.

I see positive things happening towards the RV. And for the most part I think the people are striving for democracy and the increase in value of the Iraqi dinar. So let's hope this roller coaster ride begins it's forward movement and it was soon RV and we can get off this ride for once and for all.

So far I've only have one person has voted for the winning team of the Super Bowl. If you like to voice your choice on who is going to win please do so in the comments area and I'll try to update you as the votes come in.

So have a great day and RV soon.

1. Currency Auctions: Announcement No. (2064): 1/25/2012

2. Word of the Day: Wednesday January 25, 2012: bleb

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3. Iraq Stands on the Brink of Disaster

4. Obama administration continues to keep the pressure on Baghdad to pass the oil and gas law

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5. Iraq and Kuwait mull reparations 'fund': UN

6. Hashemi ready to appear before court in Baghdad if Maliki resigns

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7. Let's have a chat..

8. Iraq's critical role of the United Nations in Iraq, and invites them to intervene to resolve disputes

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P. S. Lawyer Joke

The Devil's Lawsuit
There was a contruction worker who was working on a building when he fell 15 stories to his bloody death.

He arrived at the pearly gates and St. Peter said "Oh, I am sorry, my son. But you have been sentenced to hell."

The worker agreed - not like he could do anything else - and he was on his way.

When he arrived, the devil looked at him and said, "Ah! A new slave. We shall burn you and throw you in the fiery pits."

Then the worker replied, "That wall could use a bit of patching. I could fix it first and you could throw me in the pit afterward." So he fixed the wall.

Satan, intrigued, asked, "What else can you build?"

So the construction worker went about his job and made many improvements; in fact, by the time he was done, hell was a paradise. It had air conditioning, pools, balconies, you name it.

Within a few days, God phoned Satan and said, "I think there has been a mix-up. That worker was originally supposed to come to heaven."

Satan replied, "No way -- he's built all sorts of useful stuff for us. We're keeping him."

God then said, "Oh, yeah? Well, I'll see you in court. We're going to sue you for this man's soul and damages."

Satan just laughed: "And where are you going to find a lawyer?"

PP. SS. Lawyer Joke


A witness to an automobile accident was testifying. The following exchange took place between the lawyer and the witness:

The lawyer: "Did you actually see the accident?"

The witness: "Yes, sir."

The lawyer: "How far away were you when the accident happened?"

The witness: "Thirty-one feet, six and one quarter inches."

The lawyer (thinking he'd trap the witness): "Well, sir, will you tell the jury how you knew it was exactly that distance?"

The witness: "Because when the accident happened I took out a tape and measured it. I knew some stupid lawyer would ask me that question."

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