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7-3-2013 *Phoenix3333

Unread postPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:13 am
by Vixen
7-3-2013 *Phoenix3333 ~One more time...1. Iraq is out of Chapter 7 2. The Central Bank of Iraq on June 9th reported they were starting to work on the plan to base the value of the Iraqi Dinar on GOLD and other items. 3. The Ministry of Planning Web site states that all contracts are to be written based upon 1 IQD = $1.13 but to remember the OFFICIAL exchange rate of the IQD is 1 IQD = $3.22 4. The Central Bank of Iraq put out July 21st 2012 that the new lower denominations would be put out January 1st 2013 but the GOI asked the CBI to wait until JULY 2013. There is NOTHING more to be done. We are waiting for the announcement from the Central Bank of Iraq that they are launching a new rate management program for the Iraqi Dinar based upon GOLD and other things. All of the above is NOT is NOT is FACTUAL information put forward by the Central Bank of Iraq and the Government of Iraq. Be prepared to be surprised.