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Phoenix3333 9-22-11

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Phoenix3333 9-22-11

Unread postby admin » Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:56 pm

9-22-2011- Phoenix3333 The IQD is unchanged, are you shocked? It is still at the artificial program rate. How long, Mr. Shabibi, before you initiate your famous word "NOW". Hopefully not much longer. HCL passed, have not seen proof that it happened. Personally, I do not see Talabani going before the UN this week without this being complete. The big deals are still being held back, Erbil Agreement, Security Minister, and HCL still haven't been officially announced. Based on the matrix of information that we work off of, I would say we are very close to this being announced this week, that is 100% speculation. We believe that the IQD will revalue at or near $1, 1 to 1, maybe slightly above $1, but not much. According to our speculation, later on it will revalue to a higher rate. How we will be able to benefit from that, I don't know.
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