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Unread postby Vixen » Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:46 am

12-12-2011-Phoenix3333 We are poised for some changes...we are slowly progressing...contracts have been delayed, deals delayed, decisions delayed...that will change this week. IQD unchanged...still at the artificial program rate. We have a big week this week...Parliament will vote on 22 laws this week, Maliki meets with the World Bank Dec. 15th on Iraq emerging from Chapter 7. We hopefully have a week of surprises...I know on Wednesday Pres. O will be meeting with some of the guys coming home from Iraq & basically he will be formally announcing the end of the war & welcoming all the troops home & it is rumored that P.M. Maliki will be there with him, that is a possibility, we do not know yet. Will we see the artificial program rate drop this week, I have no clue...100% the date and rate are classified. We have seen numerous references to a 1 - 1 rate ratio from the Iraq government. This is a really fantastic week...Be optomistic!
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