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*Misc Gurus 9-8-13

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*Misc Gurus 9-8-13

Unread postby Vixen » Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:01 am

9-7-2013 *Mnt Goat ~Do I think we are now close to an RV? Yes I do. I am counting on this next week if not in the coming days. Could it be something dealing with the Syrian crisis now holding it up? In fact I believe it has been in part the Syria crisis too all along. But I am also beginning to hear some other news that I have to verify and get back to you soon. It is telling me some events must all line up more closely to get this RV. These events are all linked together. Something new dealing with Syria is now holding up this RV.

9-7-2013 *TNT Tony ~Rates at the bank have returned to the double digits. Bank personnel...are currently at home on standby, have been notified that they probably won't be called until Sunday afternoon. Bank personnel have been notified that effect Sunday, there will be no days off/vacation for the next two weeks. They can expect to work everyday including the weekends.I told you on Friday that there were no electronic system hangups and today there still are none. The system has been completed and released. The banks had the rates on the back screens on Wednesday, Thursday morning they were removed and Thursday evening they returned. The system is working. I told you that there were ego's involved in the past and that they had reached an agreement. The problem is one of them is not living up to it, and the other is doing nothing about it. The reason is that they too want the higher rate and the fact that right now this is about more than the RV. The bottom line is that the RV is ready to go, but the time and decision now has nothing to do with the RV at all. So we wait. It could be over tomorrow or it could drag out until Tuesday...we now know that all we are waiting for is the authorization.

9-8-2013 *Bluwolf ~As we speak those involved are being pushed to get their deals in and out within hours...I now await to see all things unfolded before my eyes I have no doubt whatsoever...See ya in the banks soon.


9-8-2013 *Dinarmaven ~the release is in progress and the people implementing this are doing their job. The expectation is still "immenent" but the reports include some tweaking...My hope is that this is over tomorrow. I know that we all need relief from the never ending "tomorrow" intel, but that is actually what we are dealing with right now. I'm looking for big things tomorrow.

9-8-2013 *BGG ~Article: "Finance parliamentary rule to delete the zeros from the currency early next year" The ruling “to delete the zero’s” from the currency early next year – is more about the removal of the notes (completely) from the marketplace. The main thing most readers here are concerned about is a change in value – which is different. Once the value changes – it will take a while to get the notes “deleted” from the marketplace. It isn’t an instant equation. Also a very interesting excerpt – Najib is “calling the executive, legislative work on the success of this project as soon as possible.” as in ASAP!! This leads me to believe the value change comes first – then they go thru the process of “deleting” the zero’s from the “economy” (more appropriate than from the currency).

9-8-2013 *Stryker ~Here is what I find interesting, Maliki and Barzani both say that the 7 points agreed on in April will solve all disputes and in fact they say that they have launch several of them. Our research shows that Article 140 is being implemented, in all provinces! We also see power sharing expanding to the 18 provinces, by the way of these local officials working and having input in their provincial oil production, this is part of the Oil & Gas Law. And these provinces are now getting $5 per barrel of oil apposed to the $1 per barrel that they were receiving, that is also part of Oil & Gas. We also know they wanted to pass these controversial laws by breaking them into smaller parts, so it looks to me that this is exactly wants going on. The 7 points are being implemented and will be passing through parliament at some point in the near future. An example of this is Chapter VII release in June and what got them out of VII? The Maritime water rights and Border Demarcations. These agreed upon laws between Iraq & Kuwait June did not pass through parliament until August proves that these laws can be implemented under memorandums of understandings and/or agreements.My point is I believe that this National Honor Meeting could be the real launching pad for the formal announcements!!! Now I'm not calling an RV, I am just pointing out that there is more behind this National Honor Document that meets the eye and we could see it all come together during this meeting. Most interesting times they and we are in and I like the Fact that Najafi had nothing bad to say about Maliki, times are sure changing politically over there!
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