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*Misc Gurus 3-20-12

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*Misc Gurus 3-20-12

Unread postby Vixen » Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:21 am

3-20-2012 *Hammerman ~My information still hasn't changed, I am still hearing 4.40 and I am still hearing the 14.38. I heard it from Govt. and the UST that this could go state by state...with different rates. That makes absolutely no sense.

3-20-2012 *Mike ~Finance will adopt the customs tarrif June 1, 2012..."the application of the customs tariff would help facilitate Iraq's accesion to the WTO" moving things forward very quickly...they know what they are doing...dominoes are in place...sounds like they are working forward toward the WTO - want to be a good member in the WTO...and they need to have their taxes and tariffs in place and that they have a plan for their taxes and tariffs....and they definetely have to RV before they are in place.

3-20-2012 *Blaino ~I have a feeling that they signed off on the border and military and then they get to the part about the RV and somebody said oh, by the way, we made a deal with the military boys for 4.40. The CBI would like a smaller number to strip all of the dinar out of the economy first. This is the hold up because there is some dissention now about the value of the rate. Until they finish this meeting and come to a decision we don't have a definite rate.

3-20-2012 *Mike ~They took 2 billion US dollars - they are de-dollarizing the economy taking that off and forcing the Iraqi people to use the dinar...we know they have to de-dollarize to have them use only one currency and eventually that currency has to be worth more than what that dollar can buy them. Huge to see de-dollarization happening. Tariq said he understands that there has to be a revaluation...some sort of RV...they have to add value to the dinar so they can use it in the everyday.

3-20-2012 *Delta ~According to Iraqia TV 25,000 IQD will equal 25,000 dollars or more. No lop. Delta's friend told him the the government bank's in Iraq have been training with lower denoms for 3 months. Dr S [Shabibi] told his friend that he intends to Remove the zeros prior to the arab summit.

3-20-2012 *BellaGrits ~it is perceived there were some issues with some banking institutions yesterday and reported today, those issues have been resolved or almost completely resolved...will be shortly if not already...things are still looking great...this week should prove to be "our" week...remember so many complex issues and everything must be perfect...not just okay...but perfect.

3-20-2012 *Mike ~what is going to happen inside the country and outside of the country are two different things...they will reduce the level in country but over here, we will get an exchange rate outside the country because we do not have to exchange our dinars...we do not need it for every day so we will get an exchange rate outside the country so we will get whatever the CBI rate will be a larger value but we will get an exchange rate - how they determine that exchange rate would have to be a straight exchange rate per how many dinars you turn in - because they are going to run concurrent....he talked about it running for 2 side by side.

3-20-2012 *Jonnywg ~We are very close and hopefully more info will be released shortly...we all have been patient...the feds have caught on to us...the bank screens are now distorted info...on the iqd and vnd...only true picture is tellers screens and nothing is posted...remember every country, every bank and every branch will go live at the same instant.

3-20-2012 *Doc ~We have received news that Maliki will support an nomination from the Iraqiya block for Minister of Defense. If it pans out as true this is a huge step in the right direction. Maliki had previously rejected all nominees and this was key in having a fully seated government. As we stated earlier we believe Maliki is at least playing the game to get things done. This is a great hurdle. We are hopeful they will overcome the remaining ones ASAP. We report, you decide.

3-20-2012 *Blaino ~I had gotten information that the agreed to rate from long ago, back when we began pulling troops out of Iraq, Iraq was concerned with the soldiers taking dinar out of the country...They were credited $4.20 for their dinar...they were told at the time that the exchange rate would be larger when it went global...So this was the minimum guaranteed rate...the info that I did get late last week was that the IMF agreement was signed off at 4.40.

3-20-2012 *Mike ~The government seems to be on track moving forward...we still think we will see the Natl Conf before the Summit and that they will all come together getting their government moving in the right direction. Oil revenues expected to double and we heard it from Tariq they are drilling all over the country and how the economy and things are moving in very positive light.

3-20-2012 *8Ball ~Saudi Arabia is 25 billion usd debt...that one needs to have an agreement in place otherwise when Iraq leaves chapter 7, Saudi Arabia has the right to sue Iraq in world court. Iraq wants out of Chapter 7, But also with as much debt eliminated through trade and negotiations as possible….before they leave Chapter 7. My feeling is that as soon as they fully form the ministers etc, it is we need to see news on the remaining debt.

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