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Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-27-2020

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Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-27-2020

Unread postby admin » Fri Mar 27, 2020 9:37 am

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-27-2020

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions

3-27-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 ...all the right pieces are in the right places to push the button to raise the value of the currency...these are the things we dream about, that we salivate about, that I sometimes cry you've got Allaq from the CBI boldly coming out and saying this is the only solution - our monetary reforms, to lift the 3 zeros, add value, we've got to move forward...

3-27-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy ...the ISX is now has started up again. We do not see so far any change in the currency rate. I can tell you we're seeing some movement in a positive direction as far as those individual stocks are's been down since the 16th so it's been down 10 days...we were anticipating it being down in the hopes of the rate change taking place. That's what we were looking for. We don't see the rate change yet. All the ISX could have done is at least set itself up for the rate change to happen...lets hope their purpose for shutting down is the fact that a rate change took place...

3-27-2020 Newshound Guru Jeff ...without a shadow of a doubt the [Iraqi] stock market is closed...In the top right corner of the website it said "latest update 3-16"...the last stock trade occurred on 3-16 and it has been shut down since 3-17...[Guru] Pimpy was 100% incorrect [Reference Guru Pimpy's post on 3-27-2020] . The stock market is not open. It is shut down and it's going to remain shut down until Saturday April Saturday April 11th. Reopening on the 12th...

3-26-2020 Newshound Guru Jeff What did I tell you was needed for a rate change? To shut down the financial markets. And they did and they're still down...the financial markets within Iraq have now been down for a period of two weeks. I told you that in my opinion the financial markets would be down down for a period of 4 weeks..

3-26-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy ...people are asking about the me it just makes sense that they come out with $1.34...I also made an argument why they could start off at the reinstated rate $3.22. They have nothing right now. They need more purchasing power so that they can turn around and buy a ton of things. This is another reason why I think they're going to come out with a managed rate not a free float...I hate to say this but most likely be reinstated at $3.22 rate but not for very long...a rate that high will not allow them to develop economically. They would not be able to compete on the open trade market with such a high rate. They'll most likely get back down to around $1.34...but don't be surprised if they don't come out with the $1.34 first.

3-26-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 The CBI has done the impossible...I said we are never going to have an RI until we control Iran. Sure enough we've got Iran controlled - Security and stability...Number 2: Stop the dog gone using of the American dollar in your country...the only way is to stop the comes the coronavirus...that's a good excuse...Now you have a window so big you can throw the Empire State Building through it. They're not using the auctions...oil is dropping so low these guys have been pushed at the edge of the diving board...the only option is to jump in the international pool...raise the value...this is exciting. We got everything we've ever dreamed of...

3-26-2020 Newshound Guru Adam Montana ...The IMF has stated that CoronaVirus is impacting the entire world, and Iraq is included... a reasonable reaction to that would be "Oh, great, another reason for Iraq to ask for more handouts!" Article: "The World Bank informs Iraq of its unwillingness to discuss any new loan for Baghdad with the status quo" ...a good article yesterday regarding the World Bank on Iraq...we've been expressing for some time now that it's time to stop enabling Iraq's policy of "pleading poverty". This may be the beginning of the end of that practice - in a good way, for us! They aren't broke, they have the means, and it's time for them to get it together.‼️...

3-26-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: "THREE LARGE SHIITE PARLIAMENTARY BLOCS, GIVE PRIME MINISTER-DESIGNATE ADNAN AL-ZORFI, THE GREEN LIGHT, TO FORM THE NEW IRAQI GOVERNMENT" I hope Zarfi can quickly form his government and get himself appointed as the permanent prime minister in time for the price of oil to go back up, maybe in a few months. If he can, then we might be in a good place to see the currency reform. I am still hearing that the CBI wants to do this project to delete the zeros and just needs the political obstacle gone and stability to return.

3-26-2020 Newshound Guru Kaperoni There is no such thing as a different rate inside Iraq vs outside Iraq. ...And a float in which market forces dictates the rate is the only real option...

3-26-2020 Newshound Guru Jeff ...the currency auction have still been shut down since 3-17 so nothing has happened since 3-18...the ISX is going to continue to be shut down through the end of the 28th and reopen on the 29th...IMO the ISX will stay shut down and not come back online until Monday April 13th.
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