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*Misc Gurus 4-5-12 UPDATED

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*Misc Gurus 4-5-12 UPDATED

Unread postby Vixen » Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:08 am

4-5-2012 *SWFloridaGuru ~when an adjusted rate or basket of rates is released from the BIS it's sent to all central banks at the same time and will take only a matter of minutes to show. It will have global economic and political ramifications.

4-5-2012 *Randy Koonce ~The National Meeting was postponed and we should see this try to start again in a couple of days.

4-5-2012 *Jonnywg ~I only ask that you hang in for 24 hrs as this unfolds and more info can be released...It is going through the banking systems now...The banking system should be reporting in soon and we hope all is done...We will report here as quick as we get the info.

4-5-2012 *BellaGrits ~things are still news we can delays, no excuses, no negative...the banks are you guys have every reason to expect to hear some good news rather soon...IMO-- I feel it will be hard to give an exact time or even a timeframe...when has the world ever experienced a global reset?

4-5-2012 *SWFloridaGuru ~The Iraqi List announced today they will not be attending the NC or any other meetings until all the terms of the Erbil agreement are implemented and they see the adoption of the Amnesty Law. The procrastination of the Eribl as some political blocs call it has gone on long enough. The failure of the power-sharing agreement is what has frustrated the List and the reason for their abscence. The Iraqi List is led by Allawi and I believe this boycott will lead to a complete resolution on this matter finally...Other upcoming issues include the HCL, fully seated GOI, introduction of the new currency, raising of their exchange rate and then the tariffs being put into effect. Iraq wants to play ball with the rest of the world and to do that they need to suit up.

4-5-2012 *Enorrste ~Shabibi’s...having more and more difficulty in holding the reigns on the economy. His plan is in jeopardy, in short. Plus he is on record that the new currency (and clearly, then, a new higher rate) will already be in place when he issues that currency in September...our window is something less than 5 months now (April to September) and practically speaking less than that, since the first RV must naturally occur SOONER rather than LATER in order for a gradual increase in the value of the IQD to be effective.

4-5-2012 *FreewayBill ~The best I can tell you is that we are in a pretty good place to see something happening VERY soon right now...The stars are aligned and the signing is done done done...Looking to go into this Easter weekend as a memorial one...Stay stoked! Our blessing is coming.

4-5-2012 *Hammerman ~all info still wonderful. Hearing some banks ready to move it to regional levels, most do this before it goes on. Some are saying that they are waiting on last banks in USA to open around 1:30 cst. Take all info as rumors at this point. No news from Iraq they are still in black out. News out of kuwait an dubai are saying N.C. MEETING IS GOING GREAT and did start the finishing process. This is shaping to be a great next few days. Some are saying look for Sunday. Everything I am hearing is pointing to between now and Monday.

4-5-2012 *Jonnywg ~we feel this afternoon looks ready for that moment

4-5-2012 *SWFloridaguru ~Chapter 7 removal is not a requirement for the RV. Technically, the RV also is not a requirement for the Chapter 7 removal. However, we believe the UN will not give up that bargaining chip without the CBI releasing a tradeable currency and dropping the artificial rate. So, the fact we see all this progress being made for the Chapter 7 release shows us the RV is closer than we may think. Tariffs go into effect on June 1st and prior to that we expect Shabibi to follow through with his plan to introduce the new currency and with it their new exchange rate.

4-5-2012 *Enorrste ~we...wait until June and the release from Chapter VII. But even that will not guarantee an RV unless Maliki has come to a power-sharing agreement prior to that time. Shabibi is slowly plowing along...The end of phase 1 is completed and the beginning of phase 2 (the first RV) is supposed to come “in the coming days” or even “in a few days.” Of course those few days have already passed.


4-5-2012 *Bulldog75 ~According to sources & imho: we continue with an 'hour to hour rate post watch' for some permanency. Last night screens were 'tests', 'temp place holders' or 'codes'. All conditions are most favorable.

4-5-2012 *SWFloridaguru ~They [UN] have a general assembly scheduled for September but what we are looking for is a decision handed down from the Security Council for the removal of Chapter 7. When the time comes in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Charter of the United Nations, a decision from the Security Council will be made by an affirmative vote of the members of the Council including the concurring votes of the five permanent members. I believe this process will be accelerated due to private negotiations that have taken place between Iraq and the UN.

4-5-2012 *Jonnywg ~we should really pay attention at HAWAII BANK OPENING as all banks in USA will be open...other than that I would like to get a lot more confirmations.

4-5-2012 *Randy Koonce ~There’s pressure – tremendous pressure to get the government set up…it doesn’t mean it’s tomorrow, but it does mean it’s not far from the road. If they have it, you’ll see the strategic council and then the money…there’s no if’s, and’s or butt’s…you don’t have to worry about a $14 dollar or $4 rate...It drives me up against the wall with 86 cents….it only means to remove 000’s off the street…you can’t remove 000’s off a rate. Don’t worry about the rates falling from the sky on the bank screens…it’s will show on the CBI...Just check the CBI and if it hasn’t changed , it hasn’t changed. My number is $3.41.

4-5-2012 *SWFloridaGuru ~It was announced that Kuwait dropped a significant amount of Iraq's debt in return for their recognition of Kuwait's borders in accordance with UN resolutions. Kuwait has also made major investments into Iraq and they are forming a mutually beneficial relationship. This was what the private meeting at the Summit was about. Iraq and Kuwait have come to agreements on all resolutions and it's now in the UN's hands.

4-5-2012 *Hammerman ~major major league bankers...saying there was activity all over the screens, specifically vietnam and iraq were fluctuating all up and down saying a live loaded cashinable rate but a floating rate $5.22 and $5.28...until it locks we cant do anything with I calling the RV, no I'm not, but do I think the RV is in an IMMENINENT process.. yes. We may wake up to great things!
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