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*Misc Gurus 4-11-12 updated

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*Misc Gurus 4-11-12 updated

Unread postby Vixen » Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:33 am

4-11-2012 *Timbo1 ~AFTERNOON ALL FROM LONDON AT 4PM GMT...AS of now you can still buy the iqd at old rate but on order from only from major banks and it is restricted...YOU MUST HAVE AN ACCOUNT and they must be paid for in full when you order...RE live showing on stock exchange . I am afraid to say this is not the case as of now i wish it was but its not ...I will gladly keep you up dated from UK side as and when it shows but as of now nothing has changed and i promise only to report facts .

4-11-2012 *Fresh ~my the CBI has an active plan to adjust the exchange rate urgently (sooner than later) and we need to keep a close eye on the middle of the month!

4-11-2012 *SWFloridaGuru ~It appears that they have gained a consensus and resolved the differences that existed between the Parliamentary groups after the Security Council made some modifications. The UN has a meeting scheduled with Iraq and Kuwait concerning the Chapter 7 removal on June 15th. Tariffs go into effect on June 1st. We expect HCL, Erbil and an RV prior. The exact timing is anyone's guess. Way too many aspects affect the timing that we will never be aware of but we do believe we are close.

4-11-2012 *BWM ~as of 10pm central there was no info in regards to an RV in rates showing in europe per any contacts that were referenced...This is regards only to rates showing on bank screens as "live"...there have been some rates showing as pending but that has happened a number of times so I can't get excited about that...good news is that I did get some info from a contact...that said they were expecting a system "software update" AFTER 1AM whether that has any bearing on the RV, we won't know til it's done...take it that things are continuing to move and we'll see this when it's real and cashable.


4-11-2012 *Bulldog75 ~same approx bank rates appear this morning and are stable. Imho: this rate post is "inevitable" in god's timing. 'temp place holders' or 'codes' still exist on the back screens. Even though nothing has changed, all conditions are more than favorable for an anytime rate post...our iqd & dong re-valuation rate post is inevitable.

4-11-2012 *Bluwolf ~i know the rates on both currencies will be high, i know that it is no longer in iraqs hands...i know it is in the system and cannot be changed...i know from my intel that europe is talking since the U.S.A. Is not and it will appear shortly.

4-11-2012 *Fresh ~According to a Forex Trader the volume has spiked all of a sudden and rates are fluctuating - has not had rates fluctuate since the alert went up...The rate fluctuated form 1166 to 995 and the volume spiked from 40 million to 1.5 billion dinars - it's in mac's opinion (our forex trader friend in london) that the banks are testing the rates and he wouldn't be surprised if they rv'd by tomorrow morning - his words not mine to be clear.

4-11-2012 *Doc ~The political gamesmanship continues surrounding Maliki. Several articles have detailed the current efforts to remove Maliki. In return Maliki is fighting back with the continued threats to replace Shabibi. Our opinion is there is a 50/50 chance of Maliki's removal. It will be very interesting to see what happens when Barzani returns to Iraq. We believe he went to the US and Europe to build support for Maliki's removal. Recent articles have revealed that Allawi and Talibani are on board. We counsel all to not expect the RV until after this situation is resolved one way or the other

4-11-2012 *SWFloridaGuru ~Iraq's currency is clearly undervalued and they are operating under an artificial rate that was imposed on them. Despite the significant challenges Iraq has faced in achieving economic stability, they have made a ton of progress and for the first time are in a position to re-institute an exchange rate that represents their true wealth.

4-11-2012 *SWFloridaGuru ~Iraq finally has Kuwait's support and they will be released from chapter 7 by the UN Security Council. Iraqi leaders will come to an agreement with the Iraqi list and Allawi concerning power sharing (Erbil) and the HCL, article 140. Iraq will raise their exchange rate and according to Article VI gain full ascension to the WTO. Don't let the constant date and rate predictions make you forget the basic reasons this investment is solid. I truly believe our investment is a blessing and will show it's self as soon as the wrinkles are ironed out. So much going on to 'get 'er done'!

4-11-2012 *Doc ~The articles continue to pour in about the weakening of the dinar versus the USD. One article stated the street rate was now over 1360. Sources tell us the USD is the only currency being used by the people. We conclude that even if the LDs were on the street (which we disagree with) they would be rejected since one could not buy a piece of gum with a 100 dinar note. We can safely state the LDs are not out and there has been no in country or global RV. The CBI and the banks continue to trade at 1166.
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