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9-9-2013 *Kaperoni

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9-9-2013 *Kaperoni

Unread postby Vixen » Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:50 am

9-8-2013 *Kaperoni ~Article: " 'Crisis' confuse the Iraqi economy " The key to this article is this quote..."Among the difficulties faced by Iraq if they wanted to embark on the deletion of zeros from the dinar is pulling about 30 trillion dinars in circulation in the Iraqi market now, then get rid of them and replace them with a new currency. " This should excite all of us, because in a redenomination, the currency is gradually withdrawn as the new is issued. In this case, they are clearly stating they will pull the notes in circulation (3 zero notes) now, and then replace with new smaller denominations.That little tidbit is just more confirmation that the notes we hold will retain the printed value. There would be no reason to do this as they state unless that was the intent. As well, this process is the mechanism to reduce the money supply in country. It also goes with all the concern over counterfeiting. Who would put much time or effort into counterfeiting a 3 zero note with no real substantial value? Nobody.
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