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9-12-2013 *Kaperoni

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9-12-2013 *Kaperoni

Unread postby Vixen » Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:44 am

9-12-2013 *Kaperoni ~back in March the IMF told Iraq to liberalize the foreign exchange market in Iraq and in mid March, the CBI put out 5 pages of new monetary reforms...5 months have yesterday..the CBI put out a memo and the memo specifically talked about instructions 72/3/9 for 2013 and told all banks, money exchangers. etc to start following the new rules... remember how most articles say the CBI planned to raise the value earlier this year, but the government asked them to wait?...they have started...officially yesterday. the concern was money laundering and apparently, they must feel good about that to start these rules. these new rules basically make the dollar so available everywhere in iraq, that the dinar will dry up, we hope and a lack of dinar raises its value. can i use the word...float? the good news is..the CBI is now officially following the advice of the IMF. [What time line are you looking at?] I expect it to rise fairly quickly, months, 3-6 months to get 1 to 1. [start this month or next?] i am hoping by early next month. i would expect at some point the dinar will become international Article VIII very soon and the value will continue to rise. [If this is true, then looks like everyone who has said $3+ rv has been WRONG?] yes, they are wrong, sorry, I still don't see it, its going to take time but eventually it will get to 3+ i hope. all i know is we have been waiting for this to happen and this announcement yesterday by the CBI is very good news.
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