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9-15-2013 *Kaperoni

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9-15-2013 *Kaperoni

Unread postby Vixen » Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:55 pm

9-15-2013 *Kaperoni ~Article: "The need for governmental sector efficient and highly productive. Our strong foundations for a stable dinar" Some good quotes for sure in that from Shabs..."We have succeeded in maintaining the purchasing power of the dinar and stability in spite of the problems of political stability and inefficient implementation of the government investment budget." "The auction process and mechanism begins to withdraw the Iraqi currency and ease pressure on the market and is being done through swap cash dinars dollar..." Sure seems that Shabibi is trying to convey a sound message of good monetary policy. He clearly mentions an.."urgent need for an efficient government sector and high productivity" which is telling the GOI/Maliki and parliament to get moving. It's time.

9-15-2013 *Kaperoni ~Article: "Expectations of the adoption of the 2014 budget year early" It can only happen if they do what they need to do first. And if that happens, we wont care about the budget.
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