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9-22-2015 *Frank26

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9-22-2015 *Frank26

Unread postby Vixen » Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:02 am

9-22-2015 *Frank26 ~they are running out of time to do this. The Marshal Plan is Bush’s baby. Dr. Shabibi is getting older and fragile … and I believe that speed is a big factor now. Why is Dr. Shabibi important? He knows the software. He’s been protected by the USA (in my opinion) for the last 2 years. ISIS and DAASH is running. Think about it … why would we send Special Opps into the CBI? That was the first place they went. They didn’t need numbers from the CBI … they already knew them. The so called “audit’ of the CBI was a bunch of BS…all of this was done at night so that the mission could be accomplished. We believe the Special Opps did this for Dr. Shabibi – not Allik. Dr. Shabibi was given control of the green-light. I believe that Maliki will be the next thing. If this would have happened sooner, Maliki would have been control of the monetary reform. We knew Maliki was a snake … but we got into bed with him. The timing of all of these things are incredible. 400 Million Dollars (USD) was being sold in Iraq … that was a big boost for the USA … so we used Maliki. …sometimes it appears that Iraq is in control – and that is true when it comes to their “laws” … but the US has the powers of the green-light. The laws are important because the investors and the stock-market can’t succeed without them. Well over 100 GOI officials were fired and were replaced with US trained Iraqi’s. In my opinion – they fired every crook! We are not messing around! Nobody “invited” us back – but we’re tired of the “lip-service” … so we’re back! Iraq needs to arrest Maliki … not the US. The day you see Maliki arrested … Then you’ll know we are extremely close.

9-22-2015 *Frank26 ~BIG DRAMATIC CHANGE...remember our #1's now being done faster than ever imagined in Iraq...this is the opinion of I-Team. there was a precision coalition air strike on Ramadi...apparently so precise was this attack that it put a great fear into al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS....he's taking his thugs and running back to Syria...They are LEAVING for this in the next day or so...What is so SURPRISING is the AMAZING speed we believe things to be happening... TODAY. This precision air strike seems to have triggered something...the Team is not sharing "what" but they are looking towards Oct 4 for something or some things to happen. Watching between Oct 4-8 to see if the Iraqis follow through...confidence level of this is at 50% and IOO (In Our Opinion) could keep growing...and...hopefully the Iraqis will take advantage of us helping to prop up the MR(Monetary Reform). They know we want to help...they know we are there to help...the news should get interesting inside a day or two from for it.
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