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9-23-2015 *Frank26

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9-23-2015 *Frank26

Unread postby Vixen » Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:06 am

9-23-2015 *Frank26 ~How about bonds...can those be sold? Yes – it USD’s. A bunch of laws are waiting to be passed when they come back. They need to beat the deadline by October 1st. The IMF wants this DONE! Iraq doesn’t want to be put on a black-list. EID is the18th...but we believe that everything was done before that. They need to get this done this year so that they can ACTIVATE next year. We are on a schedule – (it’s called the Marshall Plan) – which is a 5-year plan. Everything that needs to be’s all here. That is tremendously good news! The IMF needs Iraq to complete the monetary reform – that is their back-wall. SECURITY In the last 2 weeks has been awesome! How do you reinstate a currency? It means give me the laws so that the economics match up with their mathematics. The RI...has nothing to do with the 3 zeros. The the lifting of the 3 zeros...floating. T-minus 10 seconds and counting. We think December 2015 seems to be a date for the banks. The 1st quarter of 2016 – perhaps the date of the RI in the 1st quarter. In my opinion … in the year are done!
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