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11-2-2015 *Kaperoni

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11-2-2015 *Kaperoni

Unread postby Vixen » Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:17 am

11-2-2015 *Kaperoni ~"The meeting's agenda number (34) Monday (2) November 2015. The third parliamentary session" [No.9 is the only one I'm finding interesting at the moment, hopefully it will be settled and they can then make a move on " M] "Ninth: The second reading of a bill defining the mandates of the three presidencies. (Legal Committee). (Article 8)." I'll be honest, I don't see anyone making any such move on Maliki. Why? because he is the head of the State of Law bloc, has already been named responsible for the Spiker tragedy and nothing has happened. Apparently a court ruling today was in his favor that the PM cannot dissolve the Vice-President positions.

11-2-2015 *Kaperoni ~Article: "eliminates the parliament's decision not to ratify the paper Abadi reforms" ...parliament voted in favor of Abadi's reforms as long as they are constitutional. Which is a setback of sorts since Abadi was trying to get his reforms done expeditiously. This is not good news in the sense that it will probably slow progress down to a crawl because we know how slow parliament is to approve anything...and as some believe a win for Maliki and his attempts to prevent progress.
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