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11-15-2015 *Kaperoni

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11-15-2015 *Kaperoni

Unread postby Vixen » Sun Nov 15, 2015 11:53 am

11-15-2015 *Kaperoni ~IMO the IMF under the new MoU (Memorandium of Understand) will manage the CBI monetary policy for a year. And IMO that will include helping them transition into the global marketplace...monetary policy is pretty straight forward and well documented...when the CBI wants to change, they simply will change the procedure...As they stated will occur before the middle of 2016. [Please explain the change in "procedure" by the IMF...] a change in procedure is fixed to float. there is no rv...the IMF Article IV, that is confirmation. [I think you have to consider conditions today...] the CBI already did that..what do you think the 50k is for? poor conditions prevent the CBI from moving at this time to a float. Therefore the 50k is a pacifier for the citizens. [ that also the move from a dual currency and operating only on the IQD?] iraq can never get rid of the dollar 100% they sell oil. monetary policies are not reinvented weekly or yearly or whenever you want. They are tried and tested and well thought out...the IMF has a clear plan for the dinar...well documented...same for any other emerging market. ...the rate is the rate. when they transition its just day we are pegged, the next we are floating. The rate is what it is at the time. Which today is 1166. the dinar is international now and they are not floating is pegged. they want to free float, no limits. [if dinar is international now how come banks in the US can't buy or sell it?] simple they dont want to. I assure you if a bank wanted to exchange dinar, they could...too risky. [Did Shabibi say in Jackson hole Wyoming in 2010 that the rate would be 3.22?] I am sure the Iraqis would love 3.22 but they never said that would happen overnight. THe UST and the IMF and the fiance committee within the last week all told the CBI to free float the dinar...that is as clear as it gets...not an overnight event. [free float from 1166 correct?] ...where ever it is when they move is what it starts at.
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