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11-20-2015 *Kaperoni

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11-20-2015 *Kaperoni

Unread postby Vixen » Fri Nov 20, 2015 11:07 am

11-19-2015 *Kaperoni ~Article: "A member of the parliamentary Finance: Half 2016 budget is dedicated to salaries" [no wonder they are looking at devaluing the dinar to 1500 dinar to 1 usd.] ...both the IMF and CBI have clearly stated devaluing the dinar is not an option. Heck think about..they have huge protests now, can you image if they made the majority of the citizens 30% poorer? I know its hard to believe..but the documents signed (MoU and Article IV Consultation) by both Iraq and the IMF are very telling of the goals. Hang in there.

11-20-2015 *Kaperoni ~Article: "To issue less than 250 dinars coin a new edition for 500 dinars economic plans" Well it fits with the CBI statement earlier this year of 50, 100, 200 by 2017. Any new denomination will have Kurdish language now. ...the reality is only one restriction stands in the way between remaining in Article XIV and achieving Article VIII. The importance of "freedom of movement of capital" cannot be stated enough if Iraq wants outside investment. Abadi is full aware that currency reform is a major hold up to his countries ability to create diverse income. So in reality, all these recent moves are well in line and very promising that they will do what they say this time. The alternatives are not good.
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